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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is one of the so-called semi-shrubs (hemiphanerophytes). This means that the perennial grows more and more with the years at the base of the shoot, while the herbaceous branches renew each season and then die off. However, if you do not cut rosemary, the lignified parts increase more and more - and the plant can not drive out. This means that the rosemary sheds with time and the harvest is lower year by year.

Cut at harvest is not enough

Although you naturally cut your rosemary regularly to get at the delicious needle-shaped leaves, the herb needs an extra cut to avoid lignification and to encourage shoot growth. Whether harvesting or cutting, always use clean and, ideally, sterile tools. Previously used scissors or knives can otherwise quickly transfer germs into the open interfaces.

Cut back rosemary

Always use clean tools to cut rosemary

Tip: When harvesting it gets the rosemary better if you cut whole branches and not single "needles" off. For a more beautiful growth also make sure not to cut one-sidedly, but to remove even branches on all sides. If you occasionally cut out twigs from the inside, you light up the rosemary at the same time.

How to cut rosemary properly

The best time to cut rosemary is in the spring. If you cultivate your rosemary in the tub and / or keep it outdoors, you should wait with the cut until the last frosts are over - otherwise the fresh shoot, which is stimulated by the cut, freezes in the worst case.
Cut the shoot tips to just above the lignified plant parts. Light up the shrubby spice plant this turn as well. Too close branches impede each other in their growth, get too little light and increase the likelihood of infestation of pests or diseases. Mental, faded or weak branches are also removed. Paradoxically, the branches of rosemary tend to dry up if they have too much water. Remove these stems and replace the substrate if necessary. Pay attention to permeability and insert a drainage layer, for example, from sand down into the planter.

Video Board: Proper Technique for Trimming Rosemary Plants : The Chef's Garden.

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