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In Germany more than 2,500 different types of roses are offered. Therefore, you should probably know what you are looking for before buying new roses. The selection is easier if you first set some criteria that will meet your wish rose, and then find out about the appropriate varieties on the Internet. This way, you can specifically buy the rose variety that best meets your needs.

Buy roses: help with the selection

First, think about what type of growth is eligible before buying roses. Should it be a climbing rose for the pergola or a bed rose for the flower discounts? Which flower color suits the location and the neighboring plants? Do you prefer the charm of the old, usually once-blooming varieties or is it supposed to be a modern, robust ADR rose? Tip: Visit public rose gardens in the summer and be inspired there. Here, the selection of the appropriate variety is usually easier than using a catalog photo that often does not reflect the flower colors realistic. Until autumn, you can also buy blooming potted roses in the garden center, which are visually better to judge than root-bare planting material in autumn or spring.

Rose Garden Bagatelle Paris

In public rose gardens - here the rose garden in the "Parc de Bagatelle" in Paris - you can see the specimens in all their glory. Small signs provide information about the name and breeder

The right sources of shopping for roses

If you know exactly which roses you want, the rose growers are ideal as a source of shopping. For undecided Rosenfreunde variety of varieties is often confusing. Almost all renowned rose growers sell directly to private customers, as a rule you can even order your plants conveniently via their online shops. The best Rosenberatung on site offer nurseries, because the salesmen are usually trained gardeners. They know the top varieties and know which ones can best cope with the regional climate. The offer in the garden centers of the DIY chains, however, is usually limited to a few well-known varieties, but which are ordered in large quantities and are therefore quite inexpensive. You will hardly find any specialties or new ADR varieties here.

Quality criteria when buying roses

All roses must meet certain quality criteria defined by the German Federal Nursery Association, because for good money, the customer can expect a flawless product. Make sure that the roses have healthy, strong shoots and well-developed roots. Especially the main roots should have no breakages.
Refined roses are available in two grades: Roses of Grade A have, in addition to well-branched roots, at least three strong sprouts, Grade B at least two. B-roses are no worse than A-qualities, but take a little longer to form a well-branched crown. You can also judge the quality of a rose by the condition of the young bark. Good goods have smooth, firm shoots that shine easily. Crusty bark is an indication of a dry damage, bark stains indicate, for example, frost damage.
Quality test: Slightly score the bark with the thumbnail. The underlying tissue must be fresh green and juicy. If the bark is hard to break and the tissue is yellowish-green and dry, leave the plant in a better position.

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