Cut roses in the fall - What to watch out for

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Cut roses in autumn: Some rose experts advise against it. Others are in favor of it. What you can safely cut away and what you should leave, here more.

Rosehips in hoarfrost

When in late autumn the days are getting shorter and the rose beds are gradually winterized, many hobby gardeners are busy asking: "May I cut my roses in the fall?", Some rose experts are of the opinion that the rose scissors should definitely rest in autumn. Others, on the other hand, answer the question in the affirmative, but with the suggestion that they behave cautiously in the fall-cut. "Pros and cons" are therefore in balance. What you can safely cut away at the autumn cut, and what you should leave as possible, we will enlighten you in the next two sections. One thing to come to the fore: If you "snip" the rose too hard in the fall, you risk considerable damage in the coming year.


Cut roses in the fall - What to watch out for: rose

11 What can unscrupulously fall victim to the rose scissors?

With the rose cut in the late autumn is to be prevented that possible pathogens of plant diseases persist in the rosary over the winter. Because dead plant material is the breeding ground for fungi, rot and infections.

➢ In late autumnWhen the first frosty nights come, the fall is done. At that time, the roses have largely stopped their growth. The flower mummies are now removed from the shoots. You can cut back the shoot tips on which the flowers are sitting. So you clean the rose before the winter.

➢ At the shrub and climbing roses even the particularly long side shoots may be shortened a little. Otherwise, they could break away under the snow load in winter and thus damage the plant severely.

1. What can be unscrupulously fallen victim to the rose scissors?

Cut roses in the fall - What to watch out for: roses

22 Be smart before the damage!

Keep in mind that the main section is always done in spring. This means that in the fall, you just create some order on your rosary. A vigorous pruning can cause devastating damage to the roses. So even a carefree pruning can mean the final "off" for the magnificent plant.

➢ On frost-free days drives the roses even in winter. At the same time, the upper instinctual eyes awaken, pushing in the tender rose shoots. As soon as the frost starts again, they freeze. So, if you cut your rose too much back in the fall, you will not have eyes that can be released in the spring.

Open wounds, which are caused by the fall cut on the pink shoots, can no longer heal properly. Consequently, the frost penetrates unhindered into the pith of the plant and a large part of the already shortened shoots dies.

2. Be smart before the damage!


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