Plant roses properly

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Planting roses correctly Tips

One would think that it is not a particular difficulty Roses right to plants, But those who do not pay attention to a few things can face a rude awakening. Roses are in principle very sensitive, especially the roots.

  1. Therefore, when planting, special care must be taken to ensure that the roots are not damaged and are not crushed.
  2. Lift the planting hole generously and use the rose for two.
  3. Fill the hole with mature compost and pour well.

Planting times for roses
The planting times are otherwise given, depending on which roses it is. Containerware is the only one that is not tied to planting times but can be planted all year round (except in frosty conditions).

If it's plants with bare roots, then April is the best time. If the roses are packed in the bag, planting is possible until the end of May. And by the end of June you can plant roses with root balls. Anyone who still pays attention that the rose gets a lot of sun, can look forward to magnificent flowers.

Video Board: How to plant a Rose.

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