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Roses without thorns or more correctly without spikes already exist. The offer is very low. Here are some varieties.

Branch with thorns

"Roses have thorns", this metaphor is used by countless poets and librettists and symbolizes the beauty and the pain, the love and the suffering of love.

Well, the artistic freedom allows them to seal the queen of the flower thorns. From a botanical point of view this is not correct. Instead of thorns spines grow on the roses. But there are also some varieties that are stachelllos. We would like to introduce you here.

How are thorns and spines different?

thorns are stinging outgrowths of the plants and they shoot out of the wood of the plant shoots. Caution is advised: because they can injure themselves on thorns very painfully.
Such thorny outgrowths wear, for example, sloe and white and sandorn.

Sting on the rose shoot

spur sprout from the bark tissue of the plant. So you sit on the shoot and leave easily. Unlike the thorns, they can bend the spines sideways and remove them.

However, there is also the danger here of injuring themselves on the spines of rose shoots. Therefore, it is best to wear gardening gloves during the care work in the rosary.

Stingless roses

Except for a small number of roses bear almost all modern varieties of spines. Garden lovers and flower lovers, who still have children in the household, are therefore looking for roses without spines. But anyone who thinks that stingless roses are completely harmless is wrong. For small spines often sit on the midrib of the underside of leaves and can cause some scratches.

The selection of stingless garden roses is very small and limited only to shrub and climbing roses.

Roses absolutely without spikes

climbing rose

Climbing hybrid "Zephirine Drouhin"
The hybrid "Zephirine Drouhin" is a wonderful breed in a bright carmine red. The loosely filled and medium-sized cup-shaped flowers are extremely resistant to rain and have an excellent odor.
The rose grows bushy, strong and long-winded. It is particularly suitable as a climbing rose at altitudes and for individual plantings. It is very frost hardy, but needs a breezy place, otherwise there is Mehltaugefahr.

Pink Climbing Cat Kathleen Harrop

Climbing can "Kathleen Harrop"
At around 300 cm, "Kathleen Harrop" is a very large shrub rose and can also be grown as a climbing rose in front of a house wall. It is very similar to the "Zéphirine Drouhin". No wonder: it is in the "Kathleen Harrop" a sport (mutation) of the aforementioned climbing rose.
Her large flower buds will open from mid-June to semi-filled, light pink flowers. As they bloom, they resemble the flowers of edelrosen. Their Flor shines tirelessly throughout the summer until almost until winter.
It has a strong growth and reaches a height of up to 3 meters. However, the location should be well ventilated, as the rose is mildew-stained.

Hardly spiked...

Roseblossoms of

Climbing rose "Ghislaine de Féligonde"
If you opt for the frosty "Ghislaine de Féligonde", you will have a decidedly good choice. This is a rich flowering and luminous climbing rose. Her yellow flowers unfold from apricot-colored buds. Later, the flowers light creamy white.
In addition, orange-yellow stamens are in the midst of medium-sized, filled and loosely blooming flowers.
It blooms in numerous clumps throughout the summer, which makes it particularly popular
Her growth is bushy. It can reach a height of about 2.5 meters.

✿ A tip: Simply combine this climbing rope with purple or blue clematis. You will be amazed how the yellow and chrism white florets of the rose and the dark flowers of the clematis (Clematis) harmonize with each other.

Stingless climbing rose

Climbing Rose "Maria Lisa"
Wild and racy as well as particularly vital and frost hardy is "Maria Lisa". It brings small, unfilled flowers that are bright pink and have a white eye. Close to you the flowers are like grapes together.
The rose flowers abundantly, but only once. For this, the hobby gardener is compensated with decorative rosehips after the bushes. And this bottle-shaped, red fruit is a beautiful jewelry in autumn and winter.
The foliage is shiny dark green. In addition, it is very vigorous and reaches a height of 3 to 5 meters.
"Maria Lisa" is a rose that enriches the home garden in the rural style.

✿ A tip: Plant the rose on rose arches, tall, pillar-like structures or old walls.
In spring, they cut out old and sick shoots.They also shorten bulky side shoots, which stand out strongly from the trellis or from the rose column.

Red shrub rose Ulrich Brunner Fils

Shrub rose "Ulrich Brunner Fils"
The large flowers of this flowering shrub rose glow bright red. They are cup-shaped, well filled and smell wonderful. This particularly robust variety is recommended for beginners.
Long, light green shoots form the "Ulrich Brunner Fils" and have only a few, but powerful spines. Tall and vigorous of growth, it can grow up to 1.8 meters high.

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