Rosettendickblatt - touch Canaries in their own garden

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Rosettendickbl├Ątter need little water

A resilient and undemanding plant comes to us from the Canary Islands and is becoming more common in gardens and on terraces: the rosette leaf.

Rosettendak leaves need very little water
The advantage of the so-called Rosettendickbl├Ątter is that the plant hardly needs water. Watering once a week is enough - even in midsummer! So an optimal plant for people who like to forget the watering of the flowers. Put the thick leaf in the sun and look forward to wonderfully green plants that thrive in every pot.

Red-leaved Rosettendick leaves
The leaves of this plant are robust and arranged to a rosette. But there is also the variety that appears as a mini tree - a great change on the terrace or the balcony. But also perfect for indoors. In addition to the green variety, there are also the red-leaved Rosettendickbl├Ątter. They turn green in winter, but in spring you can look forward to the discoloration of the leaves in red. And even flowers bring out the plant. In late winter, ie in February and March you can expect beautiful, up to 40 centimeters long flower spikes.

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