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If the leaves of the gum tree are polluted, it can have disastrous consequences for the plant. Therefore it is important that you clean the leaves regularly.

Rubber trees must be dust-free

The rubber tree is particularly noticeable by its large, leathery leaves. And this is exactly where a lot of space, on which dust settles, is noticeable. And that can become a problem. Keyword: Photosynthesis. If the leaves are too dusty, the plant can no longer use the light it needs. The result: the rubber tree comes in. Therefore you not only have to water and fertilize the rubber tree regularly, but also occasionally dust the leaves.

Regularly wipe rubber trees

If your rubber tree is small and has a clear number of leaves, you can simply dust it while dusting. Carefully drive over the leaves with a soft cloth and loosen the dust layer.

If a greasy film has formed, then take a damp cloth and rub the leaves until they shine again in their dark green. For larger trees, soft feather dusters are recommended. Just make sure that you do not damage the leaves.

➤ Attention:

On the internet you can also read from time to time that the leaves of the rubber tree shine beautifully when you rub them off with milk, oil or beer. But please do not do this, because such a treatment can lead to damage to the plant.

Clean rubber tree while casting

A good way to pour the rubber tree is the dipping method. However, the pot must have holes in the bottom. Then dip the root ball with pot in water. Of course this is good in the bath or in the shower. If the rubber tree is already in the bathtub, you can connect the leaf care directly to the casting process. To do this, set the shower to a gentle stream and simply rinse the leaves. You can wipe grease films with a microfibre cloth.

You see, the gum tree is a really frugal companion in terms of care, which can be satisfied with simple tricks.

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