To multiply the rubber tree - this is how it works

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If you own a rubber tree, you usually can not get enough of this easy-care plant. That's why it's always good to know how to multiply.

Rubber trees can be multiplied by cuttings

The rubber tree is a pleasant companion among the green plants. It is easy to care for, quite undemanding and yet attractive - it is only understandable if you want to multiply your tree to have even more of these easy-care plants in the house. You have several options.

The rubber tree belongs to the genus Ficus Elastica and can be propagated as most ficus varieties: over cuttings. You can not go wrong. In the worst case, only the pupils will attend. Alternatively, you can sow the rubber tree, but that's not as easy as propagating it over cuttings.

Multiply rubber tree over cuttings

Possibility Number 1:

❶ The best time for reproduction is spring. When the time comes, carefully break a shoot from which a new leaf grows. Since the tree is now secreting plant juice, you should dab the juice carefully.

❷ Then place the shoot in a glass of water and wait until roots have formed. Here you have to be patient, because until that happens, a few months may pass. Do not be surprised if there is no change for a few weeks. As long as the leaves remain green, the cuttings are alive.

❸ If roots have formed, you can insert the cuttings directly into the ground without detouring. Although this variant offers you a new potted plant immediately, due to the long root time, the cuttings require a lot of water and often enter the soil.

Option 2:

❶ If your rubber tree thrives splendidly, it can take on a handsome size. In nature, he can e.g. up to forty feet high. So that your copy does not come at some point against the ceiling, so you have to prune it now and then. For this you can simply cut the trunk at the desired location. The rubber tree then forms new shoots below the interface and continues to grow.

Anschließend You can then immediately use the cut piece as a new pupil. Place the section in a glass of water or, if required, in a vase filled with water.

❸ After about three months, sufficiently large roots would have formed. You can then put the cutting directly into the ground.

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