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"Good fences make good neighbors," says an old folk wisdom. In the past, fencing served primarily to stake out property in order to protect itself. Today, a garden fence is first and foremost a design tool with a high ornamental value. Typical of the front garden fence is its representative character, after all, it is the first thing that one perceives before entering a property.

The right fence

irregular fence wire connection

An irregular wooden fence goes well with the rural cottage garden

Whether opaque or transparent, the enclosure should harmonize with the property, the house and the surroundings. Tip: With window frames and fence in the same color can create a harmonious reference. Different fence types and the variety of materials (wood, metal, plastic) make the decision for the right model more difficult. Wood is a maintenance-intensive (regular Laszurstrich) as metal, but more cost-effective. Hardwoods such as oak, robinia and sweet chestnut are more durable than softwoods such as spruce, pine and fir. Fences made of aluminum are stainless and weather resistant. Plastic is also durable, but often does not look good when it's weathering.

The fence as part of the garden

Garden fence planting flowers wood

Integrate the fence into the planting, so it seems alive and natural

The rural garden is best served by simple, traditional enclosures. An alternative is "living fences", which are made of wicker and turn into a green wall in the summer. If they get too big, they can be cut down again. Incidentally, uniform fence areas can be well bridged with climbing plants. And flowers that gently raise their heads behind the fence immediately give the visitor a feeling of being welcome. Farm garden plants such as sunflowers, which lean against the wooden fence, and climbers such as perennials and nasturtium are welcome in the rural garden. They conquer the fence fence, loosen up the overall picture and emphasize the rural flair.
In our Gallery We show various rural garden fences of all kinds to inspire your own garden:

weathered farmer garden fence pot of flowers

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Rural garden fences: garden

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Rural garden fences: rural

The irregularly braided, slightly weathered farm garden fence looks very rustic

Rural garden fences: fences

The dark picket fence gets southern flair by the creeping grapevines. At the same time the wine serves as a protection.

Rural garden fences: rural

Especially in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the hunter's fence is widely used as a classic

Rural garden fences: rural

Cut as if grown: the transverse slats retain their naturalness through the non-smooth edges.

Rural garden fences: fences

Although this fence is high, it still looks delicate due to the thin, unpeeled birch rods.

Rural garden fences: fences

Even a metal fence can look rural with the right momentum. Metal is characterized by its long durability and stability.

Rural garden fences: fences

A loose wicker willow fence can provide more or less privacy depending on how tightly it is braided.

Rural garden fences: garden

The classic picket fence in landscape mode works fast depending on the thickness of the boards. A light coat or a planting can help here

Rural garden fences: garden

A densely woven wicker fence with a burst effect in the summer like a living wall and provides shelter for birds and insects

weathered farmer garden fence pot of flowers

Picket fence wood grapes

Hunter fence daisy meadow

Picket fence crossbars

Fence of thin birch trunks

Metal fence black

loose wicker fence

Picket fence bushes branches

Willow fence leaves

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