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Herbs enrich many dishes, in addition to excellent taste, they also have valuable ingredients such. For example, vitamins, minerals and essential oils contribute. Fresh herbs taste especially good on fresh salad. These herbs taste best if they are harvested fresh, and you have harvest fresh herbs with garden herbs always at hand. To create your own salad blend:
Put together classic salad herb mix
Dill, chives, parsley and maybe even borage are the classic salad herbs. These are all herbs that are used with the greatest benefit fresh after the harvest. You stir your vinaigrette or some other salad sauce, cut one branch of the herbs in the garden, cut them into small pieces and add them fresh to the salad dressing.
If you want to mix and preserve these salad herbs, this is only possible if you freeze them in portions. If necessary, dill can be dried, the remaining herbs lose much of their aroma while drying.
But you can use the remaining herbs to the salad herb mixture towards the end of summer. For this you should choose a warm late summer's day and gently shower the herbs in the morning with the garden hose set on a fine jet of spray. Then you can dry for a few hours before harvesting. So you do not need to wash them after the harvest, which would bring a certain loss of flavor.
Now you harvest your herbs, cut them down and then mix them. Then the herbs are loosely placed in small cups and frozen. They keep themselves in this way for up to a year without significant loss of flavor, but then they lose continuously to taste (in addition, then already the next crop has grown). The method of freezing herbs in water in ice cubes is not recommended for salad herbs, as you usually do not want to have water in your salad dressing.
Salad herb mixture as from the spice rack
If your kids ask you to make a salad herb mix that tastes the same as the one you've bought before, it will not be easy. A typical salad-spicy wort contains only a small portion of herbs (usually below 8%), the first named, ie the most important ingredient is often sugar. Otherwise, usually salt, acidulants such as citric acid, onions, soy seasoning, modified starch, maltodextrin, garlic, spices such as mustard flour and turmeric, about 2% dry vinegar, vegetable fat and flavor. The attempt to produce such a salad herb mixture itself, therefore, is rather not recommended, if you would do without the advantage to enjoy a salad full with no industrially modified additives.
However, you could use a little trick to make your self-made salad herb mixture tasty for your children: You gradually introduce your children to their own salad herbs by mixing in a part of the well-known ready-made spice, gradually less and less. After some time, the taste changes, and your children will like your salad herb mixture just as much as the ready-made seasoning.
Individual salad herb mix
But you do not have to limit yourself to the well-known salad herb mixtures. The Italians give z. For example, mix basil, oregano and rosemary with their salads. For the French, tarragon is a staple to the vinaigrette, and the "Fines Herbes", another famous French herbal blend, also tastes really good as a salad herb mix. It consists of equal proportions of parsley, chives, chervil and tarragon, depending on the region also basil, savory, lavender, sage, oregano, rosemary, thyme, hyssop or marjoram is added.
Of course you could do that as well, or you can put together your own personal special mix. If you love garlic, but for professional and social reasons, shy away from the exhalation following the enjoyment, you could make a salad herb mixture that contains plenty of wild garlic. Wild garlic tastes just as spicy as garlic, but does not cause such unpleasant odor symptoms.
The fans of Asian cuisine mix a little ginger under the salad herb mixture, so the salad harmonizes with Asian dishes (where you do not know the salad in the form we know), who can not live without roasting spicy in any dish, enriching his salad herb mixture lush with habaneros.

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