Salad in pot for balcony and terrace

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On a bright, not too hot place at the house, pickle salads can be grown very well in pots and window boxes. Here the fine leaves are safe from the weather and voracious snails. Pickle salads are available in the garden trade as preferred plantlets or as versatile seed mixtures.

Salad seedling in pot or balcony box

Seed sowing seed husk

You can sow salad in pots or in decorative pots

Large, flat bowls are ideal for sowing pickle salads. Fill the jars close to the edge with vegetable soil and carefully compress them with your hands. Then spread the lettuce seeds evenly and lightly with a small board. Danger: Many salads are light germs, so they should not be sown too deep. Always cover the seeds with soil to protect them from drying out.

Baby leaf salad

Baby leaf salad and pickling salad should always be enjoyed fresh

Pour and harvest

Pour the shells with a fine, soft jet of water, so that the seeds are not washed off. Tip: If you cover the vessels with foil until they emerge, the seeds germinate very evenly. After four to six weeks you can harvest the first leaves. Cut the outer leaves with scissors without damaging the heart of the plants. New leaves are constantly growing and you have fresh salad replenishments throughout the summer.

Video Board: Grow your own salad: harvesting spinach on the balcony.

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