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Here you will find current tips on how you can save water, because that not only protects the environment, no, also your wallet!

As a guideline: Per day consumed as in the Federal Republic of Germany per capita of the population about 140 liters of drinking water.

When bathing, showering, with the body care, you save water, if you shower instead of bathing, the water and energy consumption is 3x as high as when showering while bathing. When lathering and foaming your hair, you turn off the water under the shower, turn the tap off when you brush your teeth and always replace defective gaskets, which also saves you money.

Save, save, save...

When washing clothes and washing dishes do not wash the dishes under running water, when buying new machines and appliances pay attention to the water and energy consumption. Take advantage of the economy programs of the machines, only switch on the machines fully and use the pre-wash cycle only for heavily soiled laundry.

When flushing the toilet, replace defective seal seals in flushing cisterns, as this will result in a possible water loss of 50 liters per day. Who you one
Spartoilette Install or rebuild. With this flush-stop button you save up to 40% of water again. If you equip the flush valve with a 3 liter and 6 liter button.

Use water-saving devices, e.g. Flow rate limiter with aerator, because although the water flow is limited, the mixing of water creates a full jet.
Use water-saving single-lever mixers, thermostatic fittings, they prevent the flow of unused water until the desired mixed water temperature is reached. Also self-closing fittings, these are often used in restaurants. This means that the water supply will stop automatically after a short time.

When watering the garden, you can save money by watering your plants with collected rain water, only pour in the evening, as it can not evaporate so much water. Do not use lawn sprinklers, their lawns will turn green again in a few days even after a long dry season.

When it comes to car wash, you can also save money by washing your car in car washes if you do not do frequent laundry. Keep in mind that in plants that have been awarded the Blue Environmental Angel, the water is used multiple times.

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