Sawhorse for chainsaws & chainsaws

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Sawhorse for chainsaws & chainsaws

The aspect of stability must be guaranteed in any case with a sawhorse for chainsaws and chainsaws. Because it is not only the self-weight of the saw to take into account, but above all, the effort required for sawing.
And so the carrying capacity of a sawhorse can be different. For "home use", for example, you can have sawhorses with a lifting capacity of up to 200 kilograms.
In contrast, industrially used sawhorses usually have much more to offer in this regard: depending on the type of sawing work to be carried out in the factory, it is often conceivable that 500 to 1000 kilograms are possible. The storage of the saw plays a significant role. If this offers too much play, injury risks are usually inevitable.
Weight also matters
Moreover, the attention must nevertheless be placed on the clamping of the saw. If this does not fit perfectly, it is not impossible to move the saw inside the holder, which in turn can increase the risk of accidents. If on the sawhorse
For chains and chainsaws additional foot struts are attached, this provides for even more stability and ultimately also for a better distribution of force during the actual sawing process.
It is also important that a sawhorse should reach at least to the hip of the user, so that the effort required to carry out the sawing work remains as low as possible.
If the security
a very special role plays...

Chain and chain saws are available in a wide variety of materials. Of course, models made of metal are particularly sturdy and durable. Because sawhorses in garages, workshops and so on may well be exposed to moisture, it is advisable to rely on weather-resistant materials.
The purchase of corrosion-coated saw blocks is usually more expensive, but in the long run, such an investment pays off in any case. In addition, modern sawhorses have adjustable cutting widths to ensure maximum flexibility. Protective flaps that prevent contact with the saw blades are just as indispensable as special chucking devices for the saw rails. After all, safety is a top priority - especially when sawing.

Video Board: Eckman Log-It Log Saw Horse with Chainsaw Holder.

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