Fighting scale insects on desert roses - How to get rid of the pests again

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The desert rose is immune to the attacks of many pests. Unfortunately, scale insects are an exception. But how do you recognize an infestation and how do you get rid of the pests?

Scale insects are on the underside of the leaves

As the name suggests, the desert rose is a plant that comes from a very warm home. To be precise, she comes from the steppes of Africa and Arabia. Accordingly, the desert rose is also robust. After all, she has to survive the dry season here.

And although she has to endure, she still blooms beautifully throughout the summer. The desert rose is therefore virtually indestructible. But something can bother her a lot. We are talking about scale insects. Discover an infestation, you should act quickly.

How to recognize an infestation

A single female scale can take the incredible amount of 2000 eggs a year. Even with a very low survival rate, explosive population growth is the norm. The A and O of successful defense is therefore the early detection of infestation.

The most common crime scene for the floating of the scale insects is the leaf underside. If you detect a sticky, colorless to whitish substance, this is a serious warning signal. These are probably the excrements of the scale lice, the so-called honeydew. The scale insects themselves can only be clearly recognized with the magnifying glass as a brownish or greenish hump on the leaf tissue. These are the protective covers, ie the shields of the female animals, to whom the pests owe their name.

If you have recognized the early symptoms, it is important to act immediately. Isolate your desert rose from all other ornamental and crop plants to prevent rapid attack. Then proceed as follows.

You can do that in an infestation

❏ Use beneficials:

Beneficial individuals are your natural allies in the fight against scale insects. The predators of the scale insects include parasitic wasps, lacewings and ladybirds. You can get the larvae of these beneficial insects cheaply from the garden shop. However, their use is only effective in confined spaces. If you simply put the animals on free-standing desert roses, a good part will go on a hike and look for food elsewhere. Find out how to use beneficial organisms in the garden here.

❏ Try proven home remedies:

If you can not or do not want to accommodate your desert rose together with beneficial organisms in a closed room, the use of proven home remedies is recommended. Chemical control methods are still available as a last resort option. However, the chemical cubs usually kill pests and beneficials indiscriminately. Please try using these home remedies first:

➜ Nicotine broth:

Put 100 grams of tobacco in half a liter of hot water, wait for an hour and then sift the broth through. Then paint them with a brush on the desert rose. Repeat this procedure for at least three consecutive days.

➜ Tea tree oil:

Apply some tea tree oil with cotton swabs to the desert rose. If possible, coat the pests.

➜ Soapy water:

Make a lye of curd soap and warm tap water and wipe off the desert rose over a large area. This procedure should be repeated daily for at least one week.

➜ Spirit:

Put some methylated spirits in a spray bottle and spray your desert rose with it over a large area. Take care not to breathe the vapors. Repeat the procedure at most three times.

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