Scarify - When is Scaring Required?

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In order for your lawn to thrive in lush green and grow dense, it must be regularly scarred. That's not difficult if you pay attention to a few things.

Without scarifying, the lawn will become matted over time. The reason for this are Moravia residues, which remain on the green area. Also foothills of other plants, as well as roots, provide for an increasingly dense felt layer on the lawn. Nutrients are deprived and also air and water can not penetrate to the roots. Moss and diseases gain the upper hand.

Scarifying cleans the lawn

If your lawn looks the way it was described above, it is high time for it to get thoroughly scarred. If you want to scar with a handheld device, you should only do this on smaller surfaces. To scarify a larger lawn, I recommend a power tool. It's faster and easier. If you do not want to buy a scarifier directly, borrow a device from a specialist retailer, ie at the construction or garden center. The rental fees are quite cheap and you can virtually test which scarifier suits you best.

See also our scarifier recommendations in the device overview.

How to scarify?

The basic principle in scarifying is:
The knives must penetrate vertically when scarifying into the ground and thereby separate the shallow roots and foreign grasses as well as the weeds.

Scarify: Step by step instructions

  1. Wait for dry weather.
  2. Cut the lawn.
  3. Adjust the height of the scarifier knives (the grass should be carved about 3 mm).
  4. When scarifying do not stand still, otherwise the grass area at this point becomes too much injured.
  5. Always scarify in rows.
  6. Finally, lift off the loosened lawn felt.

When to scarify?

The right time for scarifying is spring, from April to May. But autumn, from the middle to the end of September, is a good time for this gardening. Ideal scarifying conditions are always present when the soil is moderately moist and has a slightly dried surface.

➜ Extra tip for heavy soils: Apply a layer of sand after scarifying, which improves the air circulation.

Video Board: Scarification | National Geographic.

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