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With them, the magic of seductive scents draws into the garden to transform it into a feast for the senses. Fragrance herbs not only beguile with their perfume, but bribe at the same time with a lush growth, a magnificent flowering and provide spicy ingredients for the kitchen. Not so easy, in view of the overwhelming wealth of facets, to discover the ideal candidates for the individual fragrance garden. The following list of favorites would like to contribute to make a choice among the best scented herbs and fragrant garden herbs that Mother Nature has to offer.
Location requirements as a selection criterion
For the following list of favorites to serve as a well-grounded decision base, scented herbs and fragrant garden herbs are grouped according to the requirements of the location in the garden and on the balcony. The enchanting plants only unfold their full beauty and a beguiling aroma, where they find the optimal conditions for a healthy, vital growth.
Aromatic herbs for sunny situations
Real lavender (Lavandula officinalis)
Its blue-violet flowers are associated with the Mediterranean magic of Provence, where the scented herb expands to the horizon on huge fields. Its rich oils are an integral part of countless world-famous perfumes.

  • Growth height 60 to 70 cm
  • wintergreen and hardy
Scent thyme (Thymus odoratissimus)
With its compact growth and a delicately pink blossom from June to August, aromatic thyme unfolds its wonderful aroma in the creatively designed garden as ground cover or bed border.
  • Growth height up to 15 cm
  • wintergreen and hardy
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
A fragrance garden is difficult to imagine without rosemary. The robust, evergreen subshrub stands out with a tart, aromatic and refreshing fragrance. This lifts the mood and invigorates the senses. Its charming blossom attracts butterflies and insects in droves from April to June.
  • Growth height 30 to 120 cm
  • evergreen, light winter protection recommended
Thai basil (Ocimum basilicum v. Thyrsiflorum)
The warmer and sunnier the location, the more intense Thai basil spreads its bouquet in bed and tub. In addition, the pretty, purple inflorescences from April to October seem very decorative. For fans of Thai cuisine, the fragrant garden herb provides a central ingredient for the typical dishes.
  • Growth height 30 to 40 cm
  • one-year with possible hibernation on the windowsill
Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)
A classic in every fragrance and herb garden comes as a lemon balm. The delicate leaves fulfill a variety of tasks in the healing and cooking arts. With their revitalizing perfume, they spread a profound sense of well-being from afar.
  • Growth height 30 to 100 cm
  • perennial and hardy to -25 degrees Celsius
Tip: Rhizome-forming aromatic herbs, such as lemon balm, are ideally provided with a root barrier in the garden. In this way, any proliferation is effectively prevented.
Annual marjoram (Origanum majorana)
Hardly any other fragrant herb spreads such a savory aroma as the annual marjoram. Whoever approaches him, immediately gets an appetite for a liverwurst bread, whereupon this fragrant garden herb is often dubbed as sausage. Thanks to the uncomplicated sowing and rapid germination, it does not matter much that this favorite is to be replanted every year.
  • Growth height up to 40 cm
  • white flowers from July to September
Nettle (Agastache foeniculum)
Who loves the smell of anise and fennel, settles in the garden to the stable fragrance nettle. From July to September it shines with a purple flower on tight upright stems. The leaves make an aromatic tea, spice herbal soups and salads. Swarms of butterflies rearrange the decorative plant, so they are welcome in the natural garden.
  • Growth height 60 to 120 cm
  • frost-resistant with a beautiful winter silhouette
American mountain mint (Pycnanthemum pilosum)
The botanical relationship with Origanum is solely to close from their growth, because their bouquet is dominated by the lemon fragrance. Located in the mountains of North America, it can not be sunny enough in the scent garden. If you are still looking for a favorite for the meager floor of the rock garden, you are well advised with the American Bergminze. With a late flowering in the autumn, she also marks a furious season finale that she repeats with good care over many years.
  • Growth height 60 to 80 cm
  • Hardy to - 20 degrees Celsius
Fragrant garden herbs for partially shaded locations
Gold-apple-sage (Salvia rutilans 'Golden Delicious')
Here are the golden yellow leaves in the center of attention, from which a refreshing apple scent escapes. In autumn, the fragrant herb trumps then with a fresh red flowers. Since the plant is not hardy, it is considered an excellent candidate for the container culture.
  • Growth height 40 to 50 cm
  • Hibernation at 5 to 15 degrees Celsius
Yellow Forest Sage (Salvia glutinosa)
Its upright and at the same time bushy growth qualifies the forest sage to a decorative backdrop plant in twilight of tall trees. It is primarily the firm leaves that let the appetizing scent rise in the nose. From July to September, the delicate yellow lip flowers capture the eye of the beholder.
  • Growth height 80 to 100 cm
  • evergreen and hardy
Rosenwaldmeister (Phuopsis stylosa 'Purpurglut')
After a warm summer rain, this fragrant garden herb surprises with a unique, slightly tart aroma. The Rosenwaldmeister likes to spread his purple carpet of flowers under shrubs and roses, as long as he does not get into too dark light here. A favorite for hobby gardeners who make their garden beyond deadlocked conventions.
  • Growth height up to 20 cm
  • Tail-forming and hardy
Aztec sweetgum (Lippia dulcis)
A treasure, which was already popular with the Aztecs, comes from the family of the vervain family. Its fragrance is reminiscent of mint, camphor and honeydew melon. The leaves give many dishes a pleasant sweetness. The petite, white flowers appear throughout the year on the elegantly curved shoots. Since this garden herb is not hardy, it spreads its scent in the pot during the cold season in the house.
  • Growth height up to 20 cm
  • perennial subshrubs
Favorites for the smell of perfume
Hobby gardeners with wit are increasingly turning away from the uniform grass and towards the inspiring smell of perfume. The focus here is primarily on aromatic herbs and fragrant garden herbs, which offer low and cushioning growth. The following favorites have so far emerged:
Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)
With her tempting apple scent, she makes up for the fact that she is not completely broken. Nonetheless, creative hobby gardeners favor Roman chamomile with their graceful, white flowers for a fantastic smell of perfume.
  • Growth height 15 to 20 cm
  • one-off pruning per season required
Creeping Pole Mint (Mentha pulegium 'Repens')
For the kitchen, this little fragrance herb is not to use. In view of the intense fragrance, this small drawback disturbs little. Perfect for a fragrant lawn carpet at the sandy, low-lime location, Polei-Mint sets in late summer with a purple flower in scene.
  • Growth height 5 to 20 cm
  • Protection against strong winter sun is advisable
Lemon caraway thyme (Thymus herba barona var. Citriodora)
A sustainable fragrance experience offers the little relative of the genuine thyme. Who strokes with his hand over the dainty leaves, is immediately enveloped with a wonderful lemony aroma. Thanks to the wiry shoots, this scent can be entered now and then. A cheerfully colorful appearance is created in combination with other upholstery thyme, such as orange thyme (Th. Vulgaris 'Orange Spice').
  • Growth height 5 cm
  • ideally suited also for the rock garden
Seductive scented herbs and fragrant garden herbs transform your private green kingdom into a feast for the senses. Given the abundance of species and varieties, this list of favorites provides valuable assistance in the selection. Regardless of the beguiling aroma, the smell herbs exude, in connection with an enchanting blooms or a magically fragrant leaves jewelry, nevertheless the respective site claims are considered as the highest criterion.

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