Pregnancy tea from the own herb garden

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Previously, some discomfort was alleviated by administering a herb from the garden. Hence the saying that "nothing can be done" against really serious things.
Especially the pregnancy is a time in which some complaints can occur, without that it must be a disease. All of a sudden, the body has a myriad of new tasks to do, which require some conversion, not really surprising that it can react in a detuned state. Many mothers in good hope have already done well with a pregnancy tea that tries to gently harmonize the body.
The most famous pregnancy tea

  • The most well-known pregnancy tea was put together by someone who knows his way around: a committed midwife, who got the knowledge about the healing properties of the herbs from her mother in the Allgäu. It consists of nettle herb, raspberry leaves, yarrow from the flowering yarrow, St. John's wort, horsetail, lemon balm leaves and lady's mantle in equal parts.
  • The goal is, especially in the last period of pregnancy to relieve typical symptoms, such as nausea and indigestion, water retention and hormonal mood swings. Each of the herbs used contributes its part: stinging nettle is said to improve iron uptake and water excretion via the kidney. Raspberry leaves are designed to relax the muscles in the urogenital area and stimulate the metabolism. Yarrow in the flower should promote blood clotting and anti-inflammatory effect. St. John's wort is said to strengthen the nerves, it is also known for its antidepressant effect. Horsetail should promote the elimination of water, balm leaves should have a calming effect and bring a good and healthy sleep. The lady's mantle has many positive and harmonizing effects on the female abdominal organs.

Possible side effects of the ingredients of the pregnancy
Stinging nettle and horsetail are expressly diuretic teas, also St. John's wort is slightly diuretic. Diuretic drugs should be used with great care during pregnancy. Raspberry leaves can also relax the muscles too much, which can also be difficult at birth. They also contain estrogen-like components. Yarrow also has an anticonvulsant effect, which can mean premature labor in extreme cases. St. John's wort makes the skin of many people very sensitive to light, more intense sunshine or solarium can then be dangerous. Lady's mantle contains saponins, which are also used as emetics and are simply poisonous in large quantities. Melissa may interfere with the activity of the thyroid gland, so caution should be exercised in hypothyroidism.
Pregnancy tea from the own herb garden

  • All of the above herbs should be collected at the best collection time, the yarrow in the flower. Then they are dried, which should be done slowly and carefully with medicinal herbs, and stored in opaque containers. For the preparation of the tea all ingredients are mixed in equal parts, per cup of tea a teaspoon of the herb mixture is poured with boiling water. Then the mixture should draw for about 10 minutes before the herbs are removed. The daily amount consumed is based on personal tolerance, usually up to three cups per day are recommended.
  • In the same way a pregnancy tea made of raspberry leaves can be made to counteract bleeding and miscarriage and to help against the morning sickness. Or a pregnancy tea made of nettle leaves, which should promote the elimination of water, should be anticonvulsant and pain-relieving and should support the milk production.

Get to know herbs for the pregnancy tea in good time
The variety of individual effects should make you think, it may not be a good idea to use such herbs for the first time in pregnancy. It is also useful to know beforehand when and how much should be given in which phase of the pregnancy and against which symptoms a pregnancy tea should actually work. If the herbal drink is tested carefully before pregnancy, you can also be sure that your body does not show a pregnancy-independent intolerance reaction to any of the herbs.
Beware of the first use of the pregnancy teas

  • If you have not made acquaintance with all these herbs before pregnancy, you should approach the intake very carefully and only with medical consultation. The amount should also be carefully considered with a herbal tea. All herbs contain ingredients that are potentially allergenic. And other unknown ingredients that can be surprisingly unpleasant.
  • Especially in dealing with medicinal herbs must be stressed again and again, that too much of it can bring not only unpleasant side effects, but also just the opposite of the intended effect. For example, the uncritical consumption of yarrow in amounts could soothe the muscles so much that a premature labor is stimulated.
  • After pregnancy, a breastfeeding tea can be enjoyed containing herbs that were already known by our ancestors to support milk production.

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