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Popular flooring: laminate.

My girlfriend has designed her new garden shed with laminate. Before the winter, she made general plaster and hung all the garden equipment properly, so that the laminate can adapt to the falling temperatures unhindered (such an order, I dream of). She has noticed that the new laminate is covered with fine scratches, probably from the rake, which she often pulls on the handle loop behind him when placing. She asked me to write down how I would have gotten rid of the scratches in my guest room (I told her quite proudly at the time, but meanwhile forgot her):

  • (1) The laminate basically consists of a plastic layer applied to a chipboard or HDF board, and plastic is not particularly scratch-resistant. Although there are laminates with particularly hard coatings, but the normal laminate is usually not very resilient, even the dislocation of a piece of furniture can leave scratches. Even the fine stripes of the rake are therefore nothing unusual.
  • (2) The secret against the scratches is normal olive oil. The oil can do half miracles and remove some scratches quite sustainably from the laminate. Whether it really has to be olive oil or if any other oil does not work just as well, you should try it out. Of course you should not use a well-colored chilli oil for a very light laminate, or even a dyed wood care oil that will permanently refine the fine scratches in the beautiful tone "ebony". But every transparent oil should work. Why it should work at all? Why not, the plastic layer on the laminate is finally made of oil...
  • (3) First you have to clean the laminate floor really well, remember not to get wet! If really gross impurities should be removed, it is better to go over it several times. When the laminate is completely dry, apply a few drops of olive oil to any scratches in the laminate. If there are fine scratches over the entire surface, we recommend a spray bottle.
  • (4) This oil must now be polished, either by kneeling down and using a tea towel or by laying several old cotton socks and doing a kind of skating with them across the laminate (the last described activity is one of the few houseworks, to help children of almost any age).
  • (5) After about a quarter of an hour, the first results should show, if they do not satisfy you, you can repeat the process after a few days.
  • (6) After the oil treatment, it says: Caution! If even the slightest oil film remains on the surface, the laminate is now hellishly slippery. In the first few days after the oil action you should better only enter your laminate floor with stopper socks or non-slip shoes.

    For smaller scratches in the laminate oil helps well, for repairing major damage is a laminate repair kit.

  • (7) Even a multiple oil shower will not fill or eliminate deep grooves. The problem with such deep scratches is that they usually pierce the seal and reach down to the pressed wood. Thus, from now on, any wiping is a danger to the laminate, in such a scratch, of course, easily collects the water from the cleaning device when you drive over. This will make your laminate happy, it will then swell magnificently.
  • (8) For such "longitudinal craters", other means are needed, eg. B. a special laminate repair kit. This is z. B. at the company Thorsten Kötter from 61191 Rosbach v. D., to order on Such a set contains hard wax in different colors, which is heated with an enclosed small tool and introduced as a filler, so the scratch is almost invisible sealed. Incidentally, the repair kit can also be used for small holes, edge damage, bruises or scratches on and in parquet and doors, kitchen fronts and furniture.

Stefanie actually got the scratches invisible, she told me. Before she gets to nipples for which she needs a repair kit, she will also inquire about an additional sealant for the laminate, which she will then apply in the spring.

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