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Slug snail slug removal is a clean and successful method of controlling snails. The well-known slug pell Ferramol * is a snail's poison, which is particularly gentle to nature and other animals.
It differs from other manufacturers' slug pellets in that it contains ferric phosphate, which is considered harmless to nature. Other remedies, on the other hand, contain poisons that can kill even humans and animals.
Slug pellets preparations
The slug pellet / snail poison is very water resistant. Once distributed, it does not dissolve through pouring or rain. It is harmless to plants, animals such as the hedgehogs and pets such as turtles and cats, because the active ingredients of this agent, iron compounds, also occur in nature.
The snail grain is taken up by the nudibranchs like the slug and field slug. Soon the feeding of the pests stops. The snails retreat to their hiding places and die there. This has the advantage that no snails die in the beds and leave mucus behind.
However, slug pellets have the disadvantage that it kills not only the extremely unpopular nudibranchs, which cause the greatest damage in the gardens. Even snail species that do not feed on the vegetables in the garden, but on dead plant parts, die when taking in snail grain. This even affects the snail, which is now under protection because it threatens to die out.
You do not need more than 4-6 g of slug pellets per square meter. With a conventional pack of Ferramol * slug pellets you can sprinkle over 35-40 square meters. Each pack costs about 4-7 euros.
Known chemical slug grain preparations are:

  • Ferramol
  • Biomol
  • Mesurol
Preparations containing the active ingredient iron-III-phosphate, for example the Ferramol slug pellets from Neudorff or the Natria slug pellets from Bayer Garten are often used for controlling snails, since they are completely harmless to the environment. The drug leads to cell changes in the intestine, with the result that the snails do not eat and enter. However, these preparations must be taken in larger quantities by the snails in order to achieve their effect.
Alternatively, preparations such as Mesurol slug pellets from Bayer Garten, which contain the neurotoxin methiocarb, are available on the market. This neurotoxin shows great and rapid action, but is also harmful to beneficials and crops. It is therefore only allowed in the professional horticulture since the 01.01.2012 and should be handled with extreme caution, if in the private garden still old stocks should be present.
Not without danger is the use of snail poison in gardens where small children or pets are present. Accidental ingestion can cause serious health problems and even death. Therefore, extreme care should be taken in these gardens. Even better, it should be decided not to resort to snail venom and resort to one of the alternatives - there are some remedies for snails that are produced on a vegetable basis and are often sold under the name of organic snail grain:
  • For example, plant extracts that are diluted on the plants sprayed to deter the snails.
  • Neem, garlic or liverwort are used.
Spanish slug - the biggest enemy in the home garden
The Mediterranean slug, which comes from the Mediterranean, is one of the most persistent nudibranchs. It was introduced to Germany about 50 years ago and is above all more resistant to sun and dryness than the native night snail species. In addition, it is less picky and harmful to almost all garden plants when eating the garden plants. It produces extremely much mucus and tastes extremely bitter, so that, for example, hedgehogs do not dare to consume this type of snail. The Spanish slug lays about 15 meters per day, making it one of the fastest of its kind. Accordingly, it is difficult to permanently reduce the damage of such a pest. In order to get a grip on the snail plague it is necessary to treat the garden throughout the whole year. The possibilities are diverse, but also different effective.
Fight snails with the snail tongs permanently
Ecologically valuable is the collection of annoying animals. Special worm tongs facilitate the handling of slimy pests. Since the nudibranchs are nocturnal, they hide during the day, so it makes sense to distribute boards as a possible shelter in the garden bed. This simplifies the collection because the animals are usually concentrated under these shelters. The snails should then be quickly and painlessly killed with pruning shears, so as to prevent further propagation.
Advantages and disadvantages of one worm fence
Especially with vegetable beds, the construction of small snail fences is ideal. This type of snail defense is on the one hand quite expensive, too time consuming and does not look so nice in a well-kept garden. The fences can be made of plastic, concrete or sheet steel. Of course, they must be anchored deep enough in the ground and set up at a slight angle. Only then can the snails have no chance to overcome the fence to the delicious head salad. Also, barriers made of softwood chips or lime prevent the snails from advancing to the vegetables. However, these natural boundaries are immediately dissolved in the rain. Gelbarrieren, however, such as Naturen snails Stop Celaflor, can withstand even in rain and contain no toxins.
Beer traps as a home remedy against snails
Beer as a well-tried home remedy for snail infestation, however, has not proven so. Although the scent of beer attracts the snails (unfortunately those who might have stayed in the neighboring garden) and lures them into the beer trap. However, very few die in it, so that the yield of trapped snails is relatively low. However, the most helpful remedy for the annoying pests is still to promote the natural enemies of the snails. If the garden has a pond, offers the purchase of Indian peculiar, to whose favorite food also the nudibranch belongs.
* Ferramol is a protected name. All rights to this name remain with the owner.

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