Harvesting sea-buckthorn: How to get the vitamin-rich berries safely from the shrub

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As the name suggests, the sea buckthorn has thorns. So you have to be a little careful at the harvest. These 3 harvesting options show how it works smoothly.

Sea buckthorn is very rich in vitamins

In autumn, the sea-buckthorn bears many orange berries, which are extremely rich in vitamins and juicy. Sea buckthorn berries are raw edible, but only tasty after processing into juice, compote or dried fruit. Before the success of the crop, however, the garden god set the thorns on the branches. So you need a harvesting method that protects your hands from heavy scratches and injuries. How it works? We looked around at the pros and reveal the best tips and tricks for the sea buckthorn harvest!

When is sea buckthorn ripe?

The harvest time is depending on the variety from August to October. They recognize the right moment by the color: The berries of the sea buckthorn color themselves bright orange, orange-red or orange-yellow. When the color fades, the fruits become soft, mushy and begin to ferment. In principle, you can harvest even after October, but then the birds are often faster - sea buckthorn berries are namely a popular bird food.

So you can harvest sea buckthorn

Option 1 - Put on gloves & pick panicles:

The branches of the sea buckthorn are covered with countless long and pointed thorns. Just reaching in is not a good decision! Solid gloves are mandatory if you do not want to hurt yourself. Protect your clothes too, as the berries burst easily and the juice leaves stubborn stains. Then pick or cut the individual panicles. The berries can then be stripped off with a fork and collected in a container until further processing.

Option 2 - Underlay the tarpaulin & shake vigorously:

Place a large tarp or an old sheet around the seabuckthorn bush. Then shake the branches or beat with a wooden club sideways against the lower, stable branches. The ripe berries dissolve and fall to the ground. Sounds great, but works quite well.

Option 3 - Cut and freeze branches:

And so the pros reap: Cut off the branches that bear fruit, and freeze the branches overnight. The cold does not hurt the taste. The next day, remove the crop from the freezer and shake off the frozen berries. The fruits dissolve in the frozen state very easily. With this method, you also do the pruning of your buckthorn shrub.

Sea buckthorn as an autumnal eye-catcher in the apartment

Sea buckthorn branches with berries look really great in the vase! So if you are less interested in taste and vitamin content than in optics, then just cut off some very beautiful branches and decorate your table with them. Sea buckthorn is also doing well in an autumn arrangement or door wreath. Your imagination knows no bounds here. Leave some berries on the bush for the birds to use.

What are sea-buckthorn berries suitable for?

You can squeeze juice, cook compote or use sea buckthorn berries with other fruits to make jelly and jam. The berries also fit in the cake dough, in smoothies or can be dried.

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