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The small garden is surrounded by dark wooden walls. A big tree provides cool shade in summer. It lacks a cozy sitting area in the sea of ​​flowers. The lawn does not get enough light under the canopy so that weeds could break through against the grass. Reason enough to create a proper shade seat in the garden under the big trees.

Suggestion 1: Cozy hours in the sea of ​​flowers

Along the dark wooden walls, a broad bed is planted, in which especially species that tolerate shadows are planted. As the tall bamboo-colored fronds in the background grace, the bright orange flowering azaleas attract attention in May and June. Since they also emit a wonderful scent, they are ideally placed close to the seat. They are also joined by shadow-compatible ferns and various perennials: dark red flowering pops, orange flowering carnation and yellow ragwort. In the summer, red-flowering primrose primroses make their grand entrance. On the right in the bed, the overhanging branches of the red-leaved slot maple rise picturesquely over the underlying planting. On the bare trunk of the existing tree climbs a red-flowering Italian clematis.

Seating under trees with wooden deck

To put the noble wicker furniture more in the foreground, the seat is laid on a large wooden deck

You can reach this place for comfortable hours over a wide step. This makes the whole thing very generous. A practical effect of the new lush green: The tall plants take on the function of a noise barrier. Not all neighbors feel disturbed when it is a bit later on balmy summer evenings outside.

Suggestion 2: Welcome to the Family Garden

If you do not feel like intensive lawn care, you might like this family garden. On the right side, the brown wooden walls are covered by mobile tall ivy corners. Before that, a large paved area is created on which the seating area with grill station finds enough space. The planted beds provide a friendly atmosphere all around. The almost only in white or yellow flowering plants give the small area a friendly and generous-looking touch. In white adorn itself here high-looking and high perennial bellflowers.

Design family garden

The left garden side is planted sparingly and thus offers enough space for children to play

The flower candles of the sparkling flower shine already in May on the Beetrand. The pale yellow flowers of lady's mantle fill the gaps in the bed between shrubs, bushes and tender pink flowering Deutzia, a robust ornamental shrub. Pebbles and sand are found on the mini-pond for castle builders, and toys can be found in the wooden house. A self-made Weidipi and gymnastic rings on the tree complete the children's zone. The lawn is abandoned in favor of a thick layer of gravel in this example. The light color of the gravel makes the shady summer garden appear larger overall.

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