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With concrete elements, chain link fence and the slope in the back of the small patio radiates comfort despite new wicker furniture. For hot summer days he also lacks a nice sunscreen.

Suggestion 1: A favorite place among grapevines

In order to hide the gray concrete wall and the chain link fence behind the wicker sofa in a simple and space-saving way, ivy was placed on it. Backing on the lower edge of the plot is provided by two screens made of corten steel filled with firewood. Through the "windows" you can look through the small planted pots and see the surroundings. Since the inner Corten steel frames are simply placed on the logs, the height of the view can be selected individually. Matching the walls, there is a Cortenstahl grill on the terrace. He looks good even when not in use.

Design idea for a seat under grape vines

A vine-covered wooden pergola gives the seat a bit of shade - if you do not live in the winegrowing area, you should inquire at a local nursery for a suitable grape variety

The old terrace covering has been replaced by large-sized ceramic tiles in wood look, the retaining wall and step plates in the lawn are made of natural stone. In the tall pots blooms blue cranesbill in summer. The variety 'Rosemoor' is considered stable, forms after a pruning a second pile and grows in the flower beds.

Screen made of ivy and firewood shelter

Shadow-tolerant plants grow in the corner: yellow larch spur, feathered grass, funkie, white foam blossom, spotted fern, blue nettle bellflower and hydrangea 'blue tit'. So that you can see the logs well, most have only a small height

Nettle-bellflower, the plate-hydrangea 'Blaumeise' as well as the Hasenglöckchen bloom in spring. The more flowering bed rose 'diamond' and the ground covering foam flower provide here and there for white accents. However, the secret star of the plantation is the only 25 to 35 centimeters high yellow Larkspur, because it blooms tirelessly from May to October. Together with evergreen spotted fern he ensures that it looks inviting for the entire garden season around the seat.


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