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A seat on the water is not only a place to relax, but also to watch and enjoy. Or is there anything more beautiful than dazzling dragonflies that dance over the surface of the water, and a riparian plantation of grasses or grasses rustling softly in the wind? The soothing lapping of a stream or water feature allows us to relax and unwind, with direct access to ponds and pools, ensuring refreshment is only a few steps away. Especially in the hot summer months, the humidity increased by the water can provide pleasant cooling. Different tastes require different materials. The design of the seat and the selection of suitable garden furniture is also dependent on the way in which the water is integrated.

Design seating naturally

Particularly popular are garden ponds, which are combined with natural elements and form a harmonious overall picture. For natural-oriented ponds with magnificent banks and pond planting, for example, from marsh irises or water lilies, fits best a wooden terrace with a cozy sitting area made of wood furniture. The size and shape should always be based on the size of the pond. The following applies: The terrace size should not exceed one third of the water surface, so that it does not oppress the pond optically.

garden pond and natural

A wooden walkway not only serves to cross the pond, it is also an attractive design element. Important is a stable anchoring in the ground

If the pond is not in the immediate vicinity of the house, but a bit off, worth a small seat here. Often one has a completely different view of the garden from there. In addition, paths can be created that create a connection between the seating area and the lake. A small bank right by the pond can be a nice retreat if you integrate it into the riverbank plantation. A natural sunscreen is created with trees that are planted near the seating areas.

Modern combinations

Those who prefer a more structured and tidy look will find elegant and simple materials with clear shapes. In contrast to the naturally designed wooden deck, modern-sized ponds may also be a bit more. Architectural elements such as large paved areas or walls form the core of this design style.

A modern seat in the garden with waterfall

A cleverly designed, modern seat: The water flows under the glass table top, forms a small waterfall and ends in the garden pond

Here generosity is the keyword: Comfortable lounge furniture meets discreet lighting, which makes the seat an experience in the evening as well. Bridges, footbridges and stepping stones are not only eye-catching on ponds and pools, they are also ideal for getting from one bank to another. Important here is a firm anchoring in the water and the use of materials with non-slip surfaces, such as ribbed wooden floorboards or rough stepping stones. This ensures that no one goes swimming involuntarily.

Holiday atmosphere in the garden

There are no limits to creativity: With a topping made of fine gravel or building sand, you can turn your seat at the garden pond into a maritime holiday oasis. Garden furniture such as beach chairs, beach chairs or hammocks contribute to the well-being. Before laying out the flooring, you should excavate a shallow depression, compact the substrate and spread a geo-fleece. To prevent root weeds from growing through from below. A subtle edging, for example, from rounded top metal edges, ensures a clean finish.

beach chair-garden pond

Sand as a floor covering, a beach chair and beach grass - much more is not needed to conjure up a maritime holiday mood on the garden pond

If you prefer southern flair, you can design your seat in the garden with bright sandstone slabs and Mediterranean potted plants. The pond also gets a tropical look with plants like the thick-stemmed water hyacinth. Those who prefer to spend their holidays in Scandinavia should work with gravel areas, grasses, wild roses and large boulders.

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