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It is one of our most beautiful garden shrubs: the Turkish poppy (Papaver orientale). The first plants that were brought to Paris from eastern Turkey more than 400 years ago probably blossomed in bright red - just like their one-year-old relative, the gossip poppy (Papaver rhoeas). Since the beginning of the 20th century, different varieties have emerged, whose large peel blossoms today delight us with delicate pinks or whites. Depending on the color, they give the Turkish poppy a magnificent, sometimes romantic appearance. An eye-catcher in the sunny Beet he is always.

Suitable planting partners

Flower meadow with poppy

In the perennial flowerbed, the large-flowered Turmeric poppy harmonizes elegantly with bearded iris, garlic, larkspur, sage and fennel

The up to one meter high shrubs can be beautifully combined with simultaneously flowering species such as steppe sage, bearded iris and ornamental garlic. If you love beds with a natural charm, you can add different kinds of columbines to the poppy. As the leaves of the perennial die off after the seeds have ripened and only expire again in the autumn, they are also surrounded with ground-covering plants to conceal the gaps. The luscious upholstery of various species of cranesbill species, such as the long-flowering hybrids 'Rozanne', are ideal for this. Since Turkish poppy completely withers after flowering, it is combined with late-acting gap fillers such as the sun hat.

Gossip poppies in the farm garden

Other poppy species are also suitable for natural garden scenes, especially the annual gossip (Papaver rhoeas). Formerly, together with the cornflower, it was a constant companion of the crop, but the wild plant on today's fields has become rare.

Gossip poppy and cranesbill

The red flowers of the gossip poppy glow between white lupine and cranesbill

The bright red flowers are particularly beautiful when they are sown over large areas, but even in a sunny gap in the perennial flowerbed or in the pot, the gossamer poppy is a feast for the eyes. It is already sown from March, who has missed this season, can plant as an alternative several copies of the Spanish poppy (Papaver rupifragum) in bed or pot. The perennial shrub reminds in its appearance strongly of the one-year relatives and blooms from May to September in a wonderful orange-red.

Sleep poppy

Nice but dangerous: The sowing of sleeping poppy seeds is prohibited in the hobby garden

The sleeping poppy (Papaver somniferum) is a cultivated drug plant from the eastern Mediterranean for millennia. By scratching their immature seed capsules, white milky sap leaves containing various alkaloids, including intoxicating morphine and codeine. If the capsules are ripened, they supply the familiar black seeds, which are traditionally used for baking. There are also numerous attractive ornamental varieties of the annual plant with simple or densely filled flowers, the seeds of which are available from dealers. However, it is not permitted in Germany to plant these varieties without official approval, since they are like the real species under the Narcotic Law (BtMG) fall.

This is how the poppy capsules are made

Seed stands of the poppy

Not only the flower - also the seeds of the poppy are nice to look at

The development of the flower bud to the seed level is a fascinating spectacle of nature in the Turkish poppy. Enclosed by two hairy sepals, the flower develops. The protective shell opens and soon falls off completely, so that the initially wrinkled petals can unfold. After fertilization, the seed capsule ripens, opens and spreads the fine seeds.
In our Gallery we show you the varieties of the Turkish poppy:

Turkish poppy 'Khedive'

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Seductive poppy: poppy

Seductive poppy: garden

Seductive poppy: seductive


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Turks and poppy seed varieties

Seductive poppy: garden

'Khedive' changes her color pattern from pink to white during flowering

Seductive poppy: Turkish poppy

The English variety 'Patty's Plum' bears an extraordinary muted blue

Seductive poppy: Turkish poppy

The petals of the Turkish poppy 'Perry's White' are reminiscent of fine tissue paper

Seductive poppy: seductive

Extremely large-flowered shows the red variety 'Ali Baba'

Seductive poppy: seductive

'Princess Victoria Luise' exfoliates her slightly crumpled petals in a delicate pink tone with a dark center

Seductive poppy: garden

'Royal Wedding' appears truly royal in pure white with a dark throat mark

Seductive poppy: Turkish poppy

'Türkenlouis' achieves its special effect through the heavily frayed petals

Turkish poppy 'Khedive'

Turkish poppy 'Patty's poppy'

Turkish poppy 'Perry's White'

Turkish poppy 'Ali Baba'

Turkish poppy 'Princess Victoria Luise'

Turkish Poppy 'Royal Wedding'

Turkish poppy 'Turkenlouis'

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