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After flowering, both perennials and summer flowers form seeds. Anyone who has not taken it too hard with the plastering, can create a free seed stock for next year. The best time to harvest is when the seed covers are rusty. Harvest on a sunny day. Some seeds are easily shaken out of the fruit, others are picked individually or must first be detached from their husks and separated from the chaff.

These flower seeds are collected by our users

A big fan of self-collected seeds is Djamila U.: Sunflowers, pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes, snapdragons, nasturtium and much more is harvested and sown again. She tells us she would not finish tomorrow if she listed everything. Among other things, Sabine D. always harvests seeds from marigolds, cosmees, tagetes, mallows, snapdragons, beans, peas and tomatoes. But not all our users collect their flower seeds. In Birgit D., the summer flowers are allowed to self-emerge. Klara G. notes that everything that is hardy does not have to be collected. However, every year it harvests the day tea seeds and the seeds of the beaker.

Sort flower seeds

The seeds of different flower species are very different in size and shape

When they have withered, Djamila immediately turns off the still green snapdragon seed capsules and dries them. She wants to prevent self-sowing. In addition, new buds form and the snapdragon flowers longer. She also fears that she will mistake the young seedlings for weeds next spring.

Store flower seeds

Marigold seeds can be distinguished by their curved shape easily from other flower seeds. If you collect a lot of different seeds, you can get confused without a clear assignment. So that there is no confusion later, you should collect the seeds separately and immediately provided with a name label. Allow the seed to dry for two to three days before storing it in paper bags in a cool and dry place.

Store flower seeds

In jars or small cans, the seeds, protected from moisture, keep up to three years

Our users show a lot of imagination when it comes to finding suitable storage containers for the flower seeds. Bärbel M. keeps the seeds of Tagetes, spider flower (Cleome) and jewelery baskets (Cosmea) after drying in matchboxes. But also envelopes, coffee filter bags, old film cans, shot glasses, small pharmacy bottles and even the plastic capsules of surprise eggs can be used for storage. Eike W. collects the seeds of the marigolds in sandwich bags. Since she has many different varieties, Elke writes the size and color of the varieties on the bags. Then a photo is made with flower and bag - so there is guaranteed no confusion.

Fertile vegetables

Seed-proof varieties can be grown by harvesting the seeds and sowing them again next year. So you usually get the same variety again. However, if the plant has been accidentally fertilized by another strain, it may happen that the new generation bears different fruit. F1 hybrids can be recognized by the "F1" behind the variety name. The high-bred varieties combine many advantages: they are very productive and often resistant to diseases. But they have a disadvantage: you have to buy new seeds every year, because the positive properties only last for one generation. It is not worth collecting seeds from F1 varieties

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