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Whether turf or turf: soil preparation is no different. Starting in April, loosen the area with a pickaxe or by digging, removing larger rocks, tree roots, clods, and other foreign matter. The earth is leveled with the broad rake and should now sit for about a week. After that, any remaining unevenness is leveled again and the surface is pre-compacted once with a lawn roller.

Sow the lawn

Now you have to decide what you want to lay the lawn with: Saatraats is applied by hand or with a spreader, easily eingarkt and rolled - this is done fairly quickly even on larger areas and not nearly as exhausting the laying of turf. In addition, lawn seeds are much cheaper: High-quality hard-grass mixtures cost about 50 cents per square meter, and thus only a tenth of what a cheaper turf engulfing costs. The disadvantage is that you have to exercise patience until the new lawn is fully loadable. Occasional entry he can with good care after two to three months without problems. On the other hand, the gravel density and durability of a grown roll turf will only be reached after one year.

Sow the lawn

On small areas you can spread the seed by hand. For large areas, a spreader is recommended

Lay turf roll

Shorter is the way to cultivated green with a turf. It is thoroughly rolled after laying and can then be entered immediately. Immediately after laying, you should water the area thoroughly and keep it well moist for the next two weeks so that the roots grow into the ground. Only then is he fully loadable. The laying of turf is technically not very demanding, but extremely strenuous for larger areas: A "office boy" will meet without further helpers after just 100 square meters to its physical limits.

Lawns in the MEIN shop

Since you can not just roll turf in the shopping cart, but must order at a special turf school, are some logistical issues to clarify when buying: Above all, you need a reliable delivery date - if possible in the early morning, since the turf rollers in warmer weather on the same day must be relocated. If you let the remains lie rolled up overnight, you will already notice a distinct rotten smell the next day and the first stalks turn yellow. The truck should be able to approach the prepared area as close as possible to avoid unnecessary transport routes. The whole thing has its price, of course: Depending on the size of the area and the transport costs, you pay between five and ten euros per square meter.

Conclusion: Saatasen is the better choice

Of course, when a lawn needs to finish quickly, that's a good reason to opt for turf. In all other cases Saatasen is the better choice. Not least from an ecological point of view, since water, fuel, fertilizers and, in some cases, crop protection products are used to produce and transport a pre-cultivated lawn.

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