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A planting table avoids the typical inconvenience of gardening: an unfamiliar posture leads to back pain, potting leaves are left on the terrace, and the planter and garden shears are constantly being laid. Whether one transforms the old kitchen table from the cellar or buys a real plant table is a matter of taste. Below we present some interesting models from the gardening trade.

A planting table should fulfill the following conditions:

  • It should be made of weather-resistant material, since it is usually outside year-round
  • He should have a comfortable working height and ideally be height adjustable - depending on the height 90 to 110 centimeters are ideal
  • He should have an easy-to-clean work surface. Ideal is a stainless steel sheet coated wood panel
  • He should have rear edges, right and left raised edges, so that no earth remains can fall to the ground
  • He should be big enough and next to the worktop have more shelves
  • He should also be visually appealing and must of course like you

If you can put a catch behind these points, nothing is in the way of a purchase.


A real planting table must and must be dirty. That's why easy-to-clean materials and surfaces are the first choice

Planting table made of acacia

Two generously dimensioned drawers, a galvanized worktop and feet as well as hooks and an intermediate shelf for gardening materials and implements characterize this planting table made of weather-resistant acacia wood. In addition, he offers with 90 centimeters a comfortable working height. The wooden frame around the galvanized table top ensures that soil and equipment remain in place during gardening and the cleaning effort is kept within limits. On the intermediate floor pots and garden soil can be stored dry and the drawers provide storage space for binding material, labels, handsets and other accessories. With a width of 100 centimeters and a depth of 55 centimeters, it is also not a giant and can therefore be used well on the balcony.

Planting table made of acacia wood

A good combination of practical and timeless is this compact planting table made of acacia wood

Tip: Acacia wood is weather resistant, but over time becomes greyish and fades. If you want to keep the wood fresh, you should treat the planting table with care oil once a year.

Planting table for white or high contrast gardens

With a white coating, this plant table is also an accessory for gardens with predominantly white flowering plants such as roses, rhododendrons, hydrangeas or snowball. As a quiet antipode to bright red or under a lilac with intense purple flowers, he is also doing well. As with the planting table presented above, the working surface (76 x 37 centimeters) is galvanized and delimited by a frame, which ensures that soil and garden tools remain on the table. The working height of 89 centimeters allows back-friendly working.

white plant table

A beautiful accessory for white gardens is this model of impregnated pine wood

Use a planting table properly

When potting seedlings and repotting, the advantages of a planting table become clear: You can pour a pile of potting soil directly from the bag to the table top and gradually push the soil with one hand into the empty flowerpots placed on the side - this is much faster than to fill the pots with a planting trowel directly from the burial bag. Many plant tables also have two to three shelves at the back above the table top - these should be cleared before repotting, so that you can place the freshly potted plants directly there. Another great advantage is that when potting at the planting table little potting soil falls to the ground and keep the clean-up work within limits. You can simply sweep up the excess soil with a hand brush on the smooth tabletop and pour it back into the burial bag.

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