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With seed ribbons you can quickly and easily sow delicious carrots, green salad and many different herbs. Seed bands are ideal wherever you want to go fast and where you do not want to have a lot of work on sowing herbs or vegetables.
Furthermore, the sowing tape gives you the right distance between the individual plants and allows for even sowing and, above all, correct sowing depth. However, these are not all the benefits offered by seed bands. Through the use of seed bands, the seed is also uniform and it results in a clean and beautiful picture in the garden.
In addition, you can sow exactly the amount of vegetables and herbs that you really need with seed bands. Seed bands are absolutely environmentally friendly because the paper disintegrates into humus and does not pollute the environment.
To be successful with a seed band, you should dig up the bed and fertilize a little. Then a seed furrow is drawn, which should be between one and two centimeters deep. The seed band is then inserted into this furrow. It is then important to moisten the seeds before the soil is poured on it. This is the job done, because now everything grows by itself.
Seed bands can be bought in every hardware store in the garden department and also in a garden shop you will find it. Furthermore, the Internet is a good and, above all, cheap source of shopping for any kind of seed ribbons. The prices are very different, so that a comparison can be worthwhile. As a rule, one pays for a seed tape of two meters between one and three euros, depending on which herbs or vegetables it is.
As with all other seeds, make sure the seeds are fresh and the tape is not damaged. Furthermore, you can keep seed ribbons for up to two years, keeping them dry.

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