Harvest seeds yourself - is that possible?

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Depending on the variety, flower seed is quite expensive. You can save this money by harvesting your own seeds and having them ready for the next season.

Harvest seeds yourself

Annual flowers develop seeds within the summer that you find in the blossoms. If you collect the seeds and fill them in small seed portions in bags and labeled, the sowing is secured for the coming spring. It is important that you keep the seeds dry and airy.

Pay attention to the ripening point

Seeds can not be harvested until they reach maturity. You will notice that the seeds are almost completely detached from the flower, or can be easily removed. Some plants actually hurl their seeds out, which means you have to come earlier. Cut off the flower and collect the seeds.

A good way to catch all the seeds is also when they put the cropped shoots to dry in a bowl. So the seeds drop out by themselves and they just have to collect. It is stored in an opaque container or bag, an envelope can also be used.

New specimens thanks to self-harvested seeds

Those who suspend the seeds next year will notice, however, that the next-generation flowers look different than the previous year's specimens. The background is that these last year's seeds were often crossings. Nevertheless arise from self-collected seeds very beautiful and very attractive specimens for the garden.

This is especially uncomplicated Harvesting the seeds in the case of jewelery baskets, tagetes, petunia and ornamental tobacco, sunflowers, vetches, marigolds, poppies and maidens in the countryside. Important for the success is only the correct storage of the seeds and that the harvest takes place before the independent spreading in the garden.

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