A semi-detached garden in a new guise

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The garden of the semi-detached house is heavily verwildert. The opaque hedge on the right side creates privacy and remains intact. From the street the area is also not visible, only a small access leads to the garden. The owners want to enlarge the terrace. In the front area, the terrain increases significantly.

Suggestion 1: Clear lines, filigree lightness

The first design presents itself modern and easy to maintain. The height difference is gently intercepted by two diagonal stone steps. The red-leaved wig tree at the entrance remains. To upgrade the house corner, the area is provided with grit, gravel and loosely distributed large stones. Isolated, low white margin Japanese sedge 'Variegata' further enhance the area. For a vital, fresh green lawn a new seed is absolutely necessary. In the opaque, evergreen conifer hedge is removed only a section and replaced by a man-sized stone wall with an attached screen protector of horizontally extending wooden slats. That brings variety into the green "wall".

Semi-detached garden with red-leaved wig-tree

The terrace was enlarged. Stone steps help to overcome the difference in height between the terrace and the grassy area

Along the hedge are planted the tall miscanthus varieties 'Gracillimus' and 'Variegatus', which impress with their fine structure and slightly overhanging stalks. Nice effect: on windy days, the stalks weigh and swish pleasantly. The structure-forming grasses have a high ornamental value even in winter, they are cut back only in the spring. From July on, the magnificent candle 'Whirling Butterflies' will stretch its elegant, white-pink flower stalks between the miscanthus.

A beautiful eye-catcher is the Far Eastern wax shrub, which presents its white flowers in June and July. The foliage of the up to two-meter-tall shrubs exudes a pleasantly sweet scent. In spring, the white, radial flowers of the spring anemone 'White Splendor' show up underneath. The terrace of light concrete stone was expanded and raised. The white flowering lily 'Albus' is a popular container plant for the seat due to its flowering. About a corner running step leads from the house into the garden.

Copper Rock pear with silver band grass

The copper pear definitely deserves a single position in the garden. Very beautiful it looks in combination with the bright green foliage of Japan silver band grass

Valuable shade is donated by the copper rock pear planted in front of the terrace. A picturesque small tree whose crown becomes increasingly broader and umbrella-shaped in old age. In spring, it thrills with its white, star-shaped flowers, in autumn it adorns itself with deep red foliage. At its feet spreads the decorative Japan silvergrass grass with its overhanging foliage.

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