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A terraced garden, as it is unfortunately often found: A long green lawn that invites neither to linger nor to stroll. But that does not have to be: even a long, narrow garden can become a dream garden. With the right layout, you can make a long, narrow surface visually wider and more compact. And with the right plants, even a long bed can have a stunning effect. Here you will find two design tips for terraced gardens.

Suggestion 1: Lawn path with flowering companionship

Even garden beginners do not have to surrender in front of a long narrow garden. A trio of roses, accompanying perennials and evergreen book conjures up a colorful team from any boring lawn in an instant. Here, the lawn is taken from the left and right green and converted into beds. The eye-catcher is the red-filled bed rose 'Rotilia'. Ideal partners are yellow lady's mantle and pink gypsophila. If you like to cut flowers for the vase, you will find everything you need for a beautiful bouquet of roses in this combination.

Design proposal for a terraced garden

The flowering beds frame the lawn. When the sun is at its highest in summer, the yellow-flowered sun bride shines in the garden

Between the blossom stars set several book balls and cones great evergreen accents. For a magical flowering frame on trellises provide various clematis. Beginning in May countless pale pink flowers of the anemone-clematis 'Rubens' attract the eye, the large-flowered clematis 'Hanaguruma' opens its pink flower plates additionally from August to September. The wild wine shows itself in the summer from the green side, in the fall he shines in red. At the pergola above the terrace rages the one-year morning glory. Also from May, fragrant lilac 'Miss Kim' greets the garden visitor.

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