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When the sun shines, life often takes place in the garden. However, too much sun is not good, so an awning in the garden should not be missing.

Currently very popular: the awning

The awning is certainly one of the most popular shading options in the garden today, because it can be used flexibly in virtually any garden. Regardless of whether it is a fixed, flexible or roll-up awning. You can use these not only as a shade for indoor and outdoor use, but also as a wind, rain and layer protection.

Awnings are now available as custom made or in standard sizes. The latter variant is often offered even in hardware stores at favorable price conditions.

Tips for choosing a suitable awning

➤ Tip 1 - Material Selection:

It is important that you pay attention to the material used and its processing when buying a solar sail, which at the same time ensures a long service life. Especially when it comes to fabric selection, retailers make a strict distinction between water-resistant, water-repellent and wind- and water-permeable fabrics. The latter choice of materials is mainly for indoor use, e.g. For indoor pools, conservatories, etc. well suited, while waterproof and -abweisende fabric can be used outdoors.

Incidentally, an awning is given optimum durability by the use of stainless steel supports (alternatively, more cost-effective, hot-dip galvanized steel supports may be used in combination with various guying devices, such as steel guideways). Ratchets, slide rails, textile ropes, tensioners, etc.

➤ Tip 2 - Shapes & Colors:

The basically offered sail shapes usually move between rectangles, squares and triangles. Where custom-made more and more round and oval sail shapes are desired. Depending on where you want to build this sunscreen, so you should think about a suitable form before.

For most retailers, the color selection is subject to the RAL color chart and is sometimes supplemented with sample fabrics. Especially popular with the customer are awnings in beige and light yellow tones. Frequently, however, fabrics in dark red, aubergine, dark green, anthracite and brown are ordered. As far as the color selection is concerned, you are spoiled for choice here.

➤ Tip 3 - Preferable roll-up awning:

Awnings can usually be placed anywhere in a garden. Only trees and tall shrubs that are an obstacle should be considered. Furthermore, you should not shade plants with an awning, because these - permanently shaded - would be natural.

For this reason, you should prefer retractable awnings in the garden to be able to provide even lawns with sufficient sunlight from time to time. In the meantime, electric suncovers are even offered in this segment, which is extremely pleasant, especially with large-area canvas.

Furthermore, you can shade with an awning, of course, terraces, balconies, outdoor areas and pool areas, which can be at these places at the same time always create a great atmosphere.

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