Shallots versus onions

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Shallots are much more aromatic

shallots belong to the family of bulbous plants, look like that, are only a little smaller and are often taken in the kitchen. Garden owners are more and more often on the taste and plant instead onions just shallots.

Shallots are more aromatic
Maybe you wonder why you should plant shallots when the onions are a lot bigger. The reasons are simple: Scallions are a lot more aromatic in taste than the onions. In addition, they do not drive so fast when they are stored. Onions are often growing out after a few weeks, while shallots last for months before they can be seen here.

Plant shallots
Anyone who would like to plant them in their own garden should take care that they are not placed too close to one another. Also, the correct planting depth must be adhered to. You just have to be able to see the top of the scallion that way. Who keeps a row distance of about 20 centimeters and within the series does not fall below 15 centimeters, has done everything right.

Video Board: Onions Vs. Shallots: What's the Difference?.

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