Shingles made of slate

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Shingles made of slate

As an absolutely pure natural product
Shingles of slate unbeatable. No harmful substances evaporate from them and even in case of fire no harmful gases or acids are formed.
With a life expectancy of about 100 years, the higher investment will ultimately pay off.
The appearance is dominated by gray or gray-black slate shingles. Less well-known are shades that turn greenish or yellowish. Even red or violet color components are possible with natural slate.
shale mining
Slate is a sedimentary rock of very fine mud, which has solidified due to bearing pressure. The special feature is that it is arranged in thin layers. Lateral pressure in the Earth's interior has produced the corresponding structures. Slate is very easy to split and is ideal for use as a plate. The waste products resulting from further processing are used for floor coverings, for road construction or for wall construction.
Mining areas for slate
The Moselle slate got its name because the slate originating from the region was shipped across the Moselle. In Germany there are still the Thuringian slate, the Hunsrück slate and the Sauerland slate. Within Europe, even Spain, France and Britain have larger ones
Shale deposits.
Cover types
Shingles made of slate

Due to its low material thickness, slate can be used for all types of roofing, especially with very low roof pitch. Especially with public buildings such as churches, town halls and residences was the roofing with
Shingles made of slate are extremely popular and still are today. The most traditional type of slate roof is the Altdeutsche cover. Different sizes of cover stones are used. On the other hand, all shingles are equal in size. The honeycomb cover is usually practiced in the facade cladding. The individual shingles are square, but cut off at a lower corner. When the pointed angle always looks a tip down. Those who like it will opt for the typical wild cover. In fact, it looks like they are
Shingles made of slate were simply thrown on the roof, without a system. But that's what makes this cover so special. For decorative coverings and paneling ornaments and symbols are integrated, which often comes on building facades to fruition.
Shingles made of slate are by no means boring, but an attractive and modern construction material.

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