Shower tray - ideal even for small bathrooms

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Shower tray - ideal even for small bathrooms

In a well-equipped bathroom is imperative shower facilities. Today, the abandonment of complete shower elements in the bathrooms has been established.
It is set on bricked showers that do without a shower tray and instead tiled towards the drainage.
Instead of the shower cubicle a wall is used, which is also tiled and only at the front with a door.

Such constructs, however modern they may seem, are only a good choice for large bathrooms. Because only the necessary masonry occupies an enormous place. Therefore you have to do without this modernity in cramped bathrooms. However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to reject the modern design.
With shower trays even small bathrooms are well served and they not only meet the space requirements, but also serve the highest optical demands.
Various sizes of shower trays will cater to small bathrooms
An elementary part of the space-saving bathroom equipment is served by shower trays in different sizes. A shower tray of normal size is usually square and has a thigh measurement of 90 centimeters. As comfortable as the showering in this room is, so uncomfortable a bathroom can act as it is not particularly large and the shower occupies an immense proportion accordingly.
For this case, however, there are shower trays with even smaller dimensions. However, should
Here are the rule of thumb that 70 centimeters thigh measurement must already be guaranteed in order to be able to move comfortably in the shower.
Also special dimensions are possible
Particularly popular location for shower trays are in small bathrooms in particular the corners, because so no room is given away unnecessarily. Depending on the individual bath conditions you can not always be equally well served with the standard dimensions of the shower trays.
Maybe one side of the wall has less than 70 centimeters, while the other wall side leaves more space. In
In this case it is not absolutely necessary to give up a generous shower and to be satisfied with standard shower trays. For special measures take advantage of every available space mercilessly.
For such a room situation offer particularly rectangular shower trays, which have different sizes in length and width. They are also represented by default in the home improvement stores. In the most extreme case, tailor-made products are also available on request from a DIY store.
Round and pentagonal showers save space in depth
The biggest problem that arises from standard shower trays in cramped bathrooms is the wide projection of the shower tray into the room. Not infrequently, it looks as if half the bathroom is taken from the shower tray and quite often comes the desire to simply cut off a protruding corner of the shower tray.
However, this need not be a dream, but finds its appreciation in special forms of shower trays. Round showers and shower trays with pentagonal shape are similar to the standard shower trays in the thigh dimension, but shortened in the front by a rounding or bevelling. As a result, they not only save space in the bathroom, they also look extraordinarily beautiful. Matching cabin walls for the corresponding shower trays round off the offer in this area.
Shower tray for special installation conditions
Although you will find a shower placed mostly in a bathroom corner, it may be due to the spatial conditions but another requirement. For example, the laid water and sewage pipes make a shower integration not in the corner, but in the middle of the wall necessary. In this case, rectangular shower trays with an imbalance between length and width have proven to be excellent.
They exploit an increased wall space mercilessly and therefore save on entering into the room. Therefore, such shower trays appear to be particularly suitable for small
Bathroom. Thanks to shower cubicles with three wall parts there is no flood problem in the bath.

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