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The Content Of The Article: Showering is the most important morning ritual for many people. What could be better than enjoying a showering experience with your senses awake? What better enlivens body and soul than an extensive shower.
For those who do not have space for an additional shower in the bathroom, the bathtub-shower combination is the ideal solution. Practical shower enclosures can be placed on the right or left side of the bathtub. Different variants are possible. You can choose between plastic or safety glass. It must be remembered that glass is very durable, easy to care for, stable in terms of value, hygienic as well as heat and cold as well as glass. Therefore, the slightly more expensive glass version is often the cheaper.
Pivot sliding door models can be used as well as folding door panels and swing doors. Tub sliding door extensions are 2-part segments (with and without ceiling support), one segment being fixed.
Other models are available for niches in various widths. These are 4-part, with the two sides are fixed. Wannenklappwände are 1- or 2-part. These are simply space-saving - folded like a fan. In the 2-part models, there are also versions with a fixed part. The pendulum door attachments are
They are also movable essays, but they are 1-piece and have a width between 80 and 90 centimeters. Also, attachments with curved segment (3-part) or as a semicircle (2 fixed side panels and a double wing door for comfortable entry,
is mounted midstream) are available.
Something very special is the combination of a full-size shower and a full bath. This completely new bathtub with shower can be opened on one side of the tub just above the floor like a door. This makes an extremely easy entry possible. The shower door keeps tight even when a full bath is taken. The safety lock is equipped with a level sensor and ensures that the shower door can not be accidentally opened while there is still water in the tub.
But also for all shower cubicles there are the most different versions of shower walls: quarter circle separation (1- or 2-door), semicircular separations (1- or 2-door), 5-corner shower enclosures (1 or 2 swing doors), rectangular shower enclosure, shower walls for niches etc. The respective profiles range from plastic to aluminum silver matt to titanium silver etc.
Also in the selection of the colors / decors of the glass / plastic, the customer is spoiled for choice. For every trend and almost every taste, the trade holds almost everything ready. Who does not want to resort to finished goods, can make. Is a bit more expensive, but quite individual.
by Annett Biermann
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