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The most important care of a rose is the cut. It not only serves the beauty, but also the health of the plant. Especially when editing, however, many hobby gardeners are unsure, so that the task is not or only slowly approached. But cutting is not that difficult once you've made the basic principles clear:
When does pruning occur in the shrub rose?
The basic cut of a rose is made in spring. This cut should set the course for the further healthy growth of the whole plant, but of course also correct weak spots. It depends crucially on the weather, only if really no more strong frosts can come, the frost-susceptible rose plants can be cut. How often and how much is cut depends on the variety:
Cut of the once blooming shrub rosesShrub roses, which bloom only once a year, develop their flowers only on perennial branches, which they are therefore left natural. So these roses are not cut back every year, you only remove some old shoots every two to three years to rejuvenate the cane. These shoots are then cut out completely, and you should proceed very carefully: a well cut shrub rose should not actually be considered that it has been circumcised. By the way, this easy-care restraint does not mean you can skip any cut altogether, so you'll see to it that the shrub goes to hell prematurely. In addition, the rose would be denser with natural growth, which can promote the fungal infection.
Crop small shrub roses or ground cover rosesYou do not have to cut back the little ones every spring, but in any case you should only remove any branches that are growing too close or in a direction that is likely to cause a disturbance. But you can cut back every year if you value very compact plants. The cut then depends on the general rules, especially strong-growing varieties should not be cut too radically, otherwise they like very strong new expelling, with many undesirably long and thin rods. Every fifth year, however, even small shrub roses tolerate a radical cut that stimulates the stick to new impulses.
Cut back several flowering shrub roses
If your shrub rose flowers several times a year, you should give it a pruning in the spring, sacrificing about a third of its total height. But they do not simply cut off uncritically, but remove everything that could endanger the health and stability of the plant. The aim here is to remove all weak and over-aged shoots, and the result should be a well-balanced mix of branches of all ages, which gives the shrub enough air.
Basic rules for pruning

  • The fact that the cut must be determined by whether the rose flowers on fresh wood or on the perennial branches has already been mentioned. Always everything is cut out, which is too old, dead or grows inside. In the spring you can see quite well, which branch has survived the winter well and which rather weakens. The wild shoots should be removed, so the branches that develop below the finishing touches on the root neck, they make the patched noble sort of competition. All rose bile, the fibrous sponges on the shoots, should be removed as early as possible, as they weaken the roses and serve as a breeding ground for the gall wasp.
  • The cut is as diagonally as possible over an outer Austriebspunkt (eye) on the branch. The Austriebspunkte show up over the individual leaf approaches, Austriebspunkte on old branches are called sleeping eyes, because they are only to move by strong cut to expelling. You then apply the cut diagonally about half an inch above the selected eye and then use a sharp pair of scissors to quickly pull through, so that you make smooth cuts with only minor injuries.
Formschnitt, education cut, care cut
  • The basic aim of the cut is to keep the entire rose plant so open that it can grow unhindered everywhere. If the rosebush grows under such conditions, it will have little problem with mushrooms and develop magnificent flowers. However, the cut is also the education, you decide how high or tight or wide Rose should be. So you have to think about the future: where will the rose grow if I cut here or there? So high trunks are pulled or broad flat bushes.
  • Most of the flowers that are flowered are removed immediately, which prevents them from forming, which can bring a second flowering.You can of course also ripen the fruits and process the delicious and vitamin C-rich rose hips to rosehip marjoram, rose hip juice or rosehip tea. Strongly growing roses can be slightly cut back in autumn, while you can continue to pursue the desired shape and also remove possibly fungus-infected branches and leaves.

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