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Does this sometimes go this way? Since you have seen in the vicinity of this beautiful shrub, which always blooms so striking in the spring and then simply captivates by its stately, bushy growth and its shiny leaves. It would be nice to call this shrub its own and to decorate the garden with it!
But what is his name, the shrub? To go with this information to the garden center, would be a bit scanty. How can one, if one does not know so well, recognize and determine unknown and unknown shrubs best? There are several options here that make it easier for someone to find out - apart from ringing and asking the owner of the "object of desire".
Shrubs determine by recognizing the leaves
First you can try to recognize the shrub by its leaves. The leaves of the shrubs not only look very different, but also do not grow the same. So there should be clarified:

  • Is it a simple sheet? Or is it composed?
  • Are these simple or composite leaves on the branch opposite (that is, always opposite) or alternate (that is, always offset) arranged?
  • Is the leaf maybe needle-shaped?
Determination after the flowers
This is about the color: white, yellow, purple, pink red? Of course, if the shrub to be determined is not in bloom, this option will be flat for the moment. Incidentally, of course, the timing of shrub flowering can provide information about which shrub it is.
Determination by fruits
This is only possible when the bush is bearing fruit. To distinguish between berry fruits such as those occur in the honeysuckle. The sea buckthorn has the sea buckthorn, apple fruits are at the ice-berry. Furthermore, nuts, capsule fruits (in forsythia) and legumes, which are found in the golden rain. Also known are the so-called schist fruits of the maple, the cones that bear alders, for example, or in the birch is called the fruit wingnut.
Determination by the bark
The last possibility for the determination is the bark, but this is quite difficult for a layman: Is it borky, smooth, leafy?
If you have collected as much data as possible or found out, you could either consult a good book. There are in the trade proper determination books for shrubs and other plants, in which it is worthwhile to delve into it. Or one searches with the information on a nursery - it is quite possible that the people there know so far and identify the plant you are looking for.
Determination of leaves and shrubs on the Internet
A very good option are various websites where you can enter the data obtained; So leaf type, flower color, bark, fruits and so step by step various other plants are eliminated until - maybe - only the one you are looking for remains. This method is pretty easy and fast.
If you are stuck, just photograph the leaves and plants and contact a special plant forum to ask for help. Some botanist is always there, who can help you most of the time.

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