Cut shrubs with stable frame drive

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Shrubs cut stable framework drive

Cutting shrubs is not always as easy as perennials. Here you can not just start with the scissors and start cutting.

Straight shrubs with a stable framework drive need a different treatment. You can recognize such a shrub by the fact that it grows vigorously out of the ground and forms compact shoots, which then grow annual flowering plants. Among these shrubs are mainly the snowball, the quince, the hazelnut and the barberry. Here you should be particularly careful when editing.

Do not cut frame scrapers at all
What you can and should cut anyway are the young shoots after flowering. If the shrub is too big, you can cut off the older shoots, the skeleton, but not more than a fifth. It is best if you do not cut the scaffold shoots at all. If you leave the young shoots on the bush, then you run the risk that the plant buds on the older shoots, which costs the bush too much strength.


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