Screen protection for terraces - 5 stylish possibilities presented

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A privacy screen for the terrace does not have to look boring. On the contrary. There are really unusual and yet stylish possibilities. My Top 5 presented here once.

Screen protection for terraces - 5 stylish possibilities presented

When the outside temperatures are getting warmer and the sun is shining behind the clouds, many of the couch pulls onto the patio. In the fresh air between the rustling of the leaves and the birdsong, you can relax or not?

But let's be honest, how do you relax extensively when the neighbor is constantly looking over you and possibly even the latest gossip and gossip stories presses on the eye? No question - a privacy must be, so you can find your peace and sometimes sit undisturbed.

But what options do you have with a terrace? While the large garden has a lot to offer (see 22 ideas in the gallery), having a terrace is not always easy.

My Top 5 Best Screen Protector Variants for Terraces

1. Screen made of firewood

Screen protection for terraces - 5 stylish possibilities - firewood

Let's start with a variant that not only looks good, but is also practical in the winter months - a sight protection made of firewood. It is really advantageous if you have in winter in snow and slush only briefly on the terrace to get the wood for the fireplace. If the stored wood is then empty in spring, you can simply stack new in it and then have a nice privacy during the warm season.

For this screen you first need a fixed frame in which you can later stack and store the firewood. These are simple boards, thick beams or even Euro pallets. In the size and design of course you have free choice. If you want, you can also integrate small windows, peepholes or shelves. This loosens up the whole thing and has a very special charm.

Instructions please? A detailed step by step guide can be found at

2. Privacy from old shutters

Screening for terraces - 5 stylish variants - shutters

A privacy has a privacy of old shutters with slats. These can, as in this example, be fastened between old beams, protecting oneself from the neighbors' curious eyes.

Of course, old shutters can not be found everywhere. Keep your eyes and ears open. Sometimes old houses are demolished, where you could still use one or the other. Also on and you can always take a look inside. Often people sell such treasures for a small thaler.

»Small disadvantage: Of course, wooden privacy elements must be regularly painted and treated so that they look pretty even after many years.

3. Large planters for privacy

Screen protection for terraces - 5 stylish variants - planter

You prefer it simple and natural? Then plants in large decorative planters are certainly the right thing for you. Such oversized planters, which you can also use as a room divider, I have for example discovered (see picture above). The advantage here is that these planters are supplied with wheels, so you can easily put the bulky items in another place.

As far as planting is concerned, you have a free choice. Here not only flowers are magically staged, but also grasses and other plants.

"By the way: Do not worry - you do not have to fill the entire bucket with soil. Thanks to simple inserts you not only save earth, but you can also plant something new faster.

4. Bamboo mats as a screen

Screen protection for terraces - stylish variants - bamboo mats

Quick to implement and still chic is a privacy of a bamboo mat. I have found a large selection in different colors, sizes and lengths at These mats are not interwoven with wire, as is common on classic models, but are pierced with a wire. Visually, that just looks better and neater.

You think the naked sight of the bamboo mats is too dull and boring? Flower boxes and other small decorative elements spice up the privacy and create something for the eye.

5. Rustic wall

Screen protection for terraces - 5 stylish variants - rustic wall

A bit more elaborate, but a gigantic eye-catcher is a ruin wall, which is only partially built. To get the rustic charm, of course you need old bricks. These are not that easy to get these days. If there is someone who wants to get rid of them, he often demands a hefty price. But if you really want something, you also like to dig deeper. Other stones are also not given as a gift.

Incidentally, such walls can also be wonderfully decorated. Here are some ideas:

  • succulents
  • Wrought iron accessories
  • old rusty iron windows
  • small cartwheels
  • straw wreaths
  • old oil cans
  • Zinc Art

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