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If you plant a herb garden, it is extremely helpful if the herbs are each provided with signs that reveal the name.
Because you would have to be a veritable herbalist, if you can distinguish all herbs in all growth stages. And even then - every time you plant a new herb for the first time, a sign is just a part of it. So no one in your family and no visitor can confuse the wild garlic with lilies without blossom, which is not as deadly as is often assumed, but certainly not tasty.
The responsible herb gardener, who continues to develop his herb garden, therefore provides each herb with a proper sign from the beginning. If you do not feel like spending up to 20, - € per piece for these signs, but prefer to buy new rare herbs, make your herbal signs yourself:
Herbal signs as a quick handiwork
Who has no time and / or wants to produce signs for his herbs at low cost, can be z. B. buy a sheet of polypropylene. A sufficiently rigid Din A4 film has around 30 x 20 cm and costs € 1.95. If you use the cutting machine in the next copy shop, 40 sheets of 1.5 cm width and 10 cm length, or 10 labels of 3 cm width and 20 cm length, which you can read from a distance, can be quickly transformed from one sheet (is there for example at the Modulor GmbH from 10969 Berlin under Polypropylene is available in many different colors, so you can produce without any problems to the adjacent roses matching herb signs. These signs can be labeled with a permanent pen, some clear coat over it ensures a long shelf life of the label.
You can now cut the finished signs pointed with the scissors at the bottom and simply stuck in the ground. Alternatively, you can punch them with an office punch on a corner and tie them with a cord to a wire plug that is stuck in the ground. This is firstly more durable, secondly you have the whole area for the lettering - then are certainly the smaller cut signs! The wire connectors are available in the commercial florist needs. Maybe your florist will sell you a parcel (sometimes as a peg).
There are still many types of metal plugs, in Floristikbedarf there are z. For example, stainless plugs with built-in brackets (which are actually meant for attaching labels). Maybe you will find such plugs in an auction or your flower shop will order them, even a demand in the next hardware store could be worthwhile. Such plugs are available in approx. 40 cm length for less than 1, - € each.
The next option for quickly making herbal signs are slates. You can find these boards made of natural slate in the hardware store (roof tile) or in aquaristic supplies, depending on the size for little more than 1, - €. The anthracite or black colored panels can be labeled with a paint pen in any bright color, the label becomes durable if you use clearcoat to spray over it. Before labeling, decide whether you want to lay the slates on the ground or whether you want to place them in the ground with a corner, depending on whether the writing is applied straight or diagonally.
There is a lot more that you can quickly label with paint pen or permanent marker and put or put between the herbs: smooth stones, wooden scrapers or wooden spoons, flower pot coasters made of clay or tile (do not forget clear coat).
Herbal signs of do-it-yourselfers
The do-it-yourselfer always has some flat wooden slats with his supplies, and he simply saws them into pieces about 15 cm long, which are sharpened at the front. The labeling is done as described above.
If the creative artist knows a do-it-yourselfer, he lets him make the blanks of the signs and then creates them automatically with an artistic calligraphic inscription. Or he provides the wood signs (which you can of course buy ready) in the lower area with a water-resistant paint and strokes the label area with blackboard paint. This board color is then labeled with water-resistant chalk pens or decomarkers, the z. Offered by Pentel (Pentel of America Ltd.,, Sales for example via Amazon). This idea will please all experimental gardeners, who like to plant something new every year.
The creative gardening enthusiasts, who in the fall will be able to complete the long-planned ceramic course anyway, will use this opportunity to make their own herb signs by carving the names of the herbs into flat clay plugs and then burning them.

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