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Silver candles are well suited for perennial beds in a partially shaded position, for example in front of trees or hedges. You can lighten well dark garden corners with their bright foliage and white flowers. As partners offer for example autumn anemones, ferns and gray-clouded funkies. Their nectar-rich flowers are popular with many insects.

To cut

It is best to grow the plants undisturbed. Only withered and withered leaves should be cut off in late autumn or early spring.

Further care tips

The silver candle needs little care at the right location and can stay in the same place for many years without having to share it. In sunnier locations, ensure a uniform water supply. Freshly planted silver candles should provide you with some compost in late autumn or early spring to help them grow lusciously.


Silver candles can be multiplied in spring from parts of the rootstock (rhizome cuttings).

Diseases and pests

Silver candles are robust and are hardly affected by pests. Nudibranchs also avoid the shrubs when they find more tasty food in the area.

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