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They always occur where it is moist and warm as possible: Silverfish - or more correctly: silverfish, because the nocturnal crawlies belong to the insect order of the so-called little fish. In the vernacular, however, they have prevailed as "silver fish".
Immediate action against silverfish at a glance:

  • Lay out potato, sugar or honey
  • Set up adhesive traps
  • Set up the ammonia water tank
  • Ventilate rooms regularly
  • Retreats with special spray sprays
  • Close places of retreat
Although the silverfish are pests, they are basically no threat to human health - they even help improve the indoor climate by eating mites and molds. Nonetheless, many people prefer not to house the shimmering insects in their own home. The occurrence of silverfish in the kitchen or bathroom, therefore, the question arises, how to get rid of these nimble animals again.
The fight against silverfish takes place in two phases: in phase one, all existing pests are eliminated and in phase two the conditions are created that no further infestation takes place.
Measures to eliminate existing silverfish
In order to fight silver fish effectively, it is important to know what they eat and where they find shelter. The light-shy insects like to hide in cracks and gaps - whether in the masonry, in tile joints or behind the wallpaper. Sometimes a damaged silicone joint in the tub or a damp pipe is enough to give silver fish entry and shelter. In their diet, they are special lovers of starch and sugar, and of the substance dextrin, which occurs for example in wallpaper paste. In addition, they eat - in addition to the house dust mites and molds mentioned - also dander and hair. Especially in the bathroom, they are often served so much.
Incidentally, the small pest ghosts also often get into the apartment through drains.
To expel them, proven home remedies and measures are recommended. Thus, it is sufficient to regularly ventilate the affected areas in order to make the environment unattractive for silverfish and to drive them away. Two to three times a day for about ten minutes, the window open - and already like the silver fish the bathroom or the kitchen much less. Because the airing lowers the high humidity that is so popular with the animals and at the same time lets in cool air.
In order to go directly to the leather of the weasel-fast insects, stick-on glue is recommended. These attract the silverfish with fragrances such as pheromones or Fracktlockstoffen - and they stick firmly. When buying, care should be taken to purchase insecticide-free and moisture-resistant models of sticky traps. Incidentally, similar services are provided by a sliced ​​or grated potato that is simply placed on the floor. Since the silver fish appreciate the strength in the potato, they are lured out of their holes and can easily be swept up and removed. As attractants of this kind usually also sugar or honey work.
A little more cautious should be dealt with the setting up of ammonia water containers, which is also well suited to get rid of silverfish. Because the sal ammoniacal water does destroy the nervous system of the silverfish due to its corrosive effect - but it is also dangerous for humans. Therefore, this measure should only be taken with great caution and in case of extreme infestation.
Of course, there are also sprays on the market that can be sprayed directly into the hiding places of animals to kill them. However, products based on silicic acid or plankton are a bit more environmentally friendly: they also kill the insects by destroying their protective armor. But because they are based on natural substances, they are non-toxic to humans.
Last but not least, it is important to close all cracks and holes that can serve as shelter for silverfish. Also, construction defects such as leaky windows should be corrected to prevent silverfish and other pests from entering the house in this way.
Measures to prevent further infestation by silverfish
Once the silverfish have been eliminated, measures should be taken to prevent reintroduction. This includes above all the permanent lowering of the humidity in the affected areas and the more conscious handling of all elements, which ensure a damp-warm room climate.
In addition to the regular airing - three to four times a day - it is therefore important not to dry laundry in the interior, hang the bathroom rugs to dry after showering or bathing and regularly wipe through to get rid of inviting hair and dander.Anyone who uses cleansers that contain vinegar or lemon extract at the same time ensures that the silverfish avoid the room simply because they do not like these smells.
Remedy for silverfish
It is recommended that immediately after bathing or showering all the moisture that has formed, absorb and air well. Silverfish can be gently eliminated biologically or chemically. As a powerful remedy against silverfish is a damp cloth, which is cared for with plaster placed in the affected area. The animals accumulate under the rag and can be easily removed with this.
Just as effective is half a potato, which is placed on a board and positioned in the affected area. During the night, the vermin collects under the potato and can be removed with the board.
Borax is a chemical against silverfish and should only be used in bait boxes to protect children and animals. If you add some sugar, the silverfish are attracted by it. They take the poison and are directly fought.
A very simple remedy for silverfish is boiling water. It is simply poured into the sink, the grooves or joints, the animals die. Also, vinegar and ammonia water placed in trays is an effective remedy against the unwanted insects.
Another option for pest control is to scatter baking soda into broken joints, grooves or cracks. The powder swells and blocks the animals in this way the way.

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