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Are you lucky enough to have a quince tree in your garden? Quinces not only have a particularly fine flavor (not for nothing they belong to the rose family), they also contain a lot of health:
Vitamin C, potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese and fluorine. In addition, quinces contain tannins, tannic acid, organic acids and a lot of pectin, the latter is interesting for the preparation. Unfortunately, you can not eat the fruits of the quince trees native to Germany raw, they are too hard and because of the tannins contained also bitter. If your quince tree brings a rich harvest in late autumn, then these fruits have to be processed somehow. Quince jelly is very popular, so it succeeds well and simply:
Prepare and juicy quinces
Before processing, the quince fluff (fur) must be thoroughly rubbed off with a sturdy cloth, as it contains plenty of bitter substances. Faster with a fine and quite soft wire brush, but since this causes fine scratches in the shell, this method is recommended only if the quinces are processed immediately.
Then quinces are washed, roughly diced and put into a pot. Just cover the quinces with water and bring the whole thing to a boil. Now the quinces are allowed to boil for about 45 minutes at medium temperature. Then the mass is sifted through a cloth, if the jelly is to remain very clear, very carefully without pressing. To the quince juice now comes lemon juice to taste, often the juice of a lemon is taken on a kilogram of quince.
Juicing also works with the steam extractor. A little water is added to the pot, the drip tray without holes is placed in it and catches the juice. The perforated dish is placed over the unperforated and filled with the crushed quince. Then juice according to instructions, quinces will take some time. For the normal juicer, our quinces may be too hard, they could damage the blade work.
Cook quince jelly
Measure the juice and add half its weight of gelling sugar. Even spices to taste, such as a sprig of lemon balm, are now added. The liquid is brought to a boil while stirring and then boiled for about 2 minutes. The spices are removed, the quince jelly immediately filled in twist-off glasses. Then pull the cling film through high-proof alcohol and place it on the glasses, screw on the lid and turn the jelly upside down for a few minutes.
Quince jelly without preserving sugar
If you harvest the quince in time so that they still contain enough pectin, but are not too immature, this should work. The ideal time should be when the quinces are just turning from green to yellow. So do not add jelly sugar to the juice, just sugar to taste. The pectin in the quince is even said to gel completely without sugar, maybe an idea for a jelly that is an unusual addition to meat? Maybe refined with some spices? If the quinces release enough pectin, test through the gelling sample: do some mass on a chilled saucer, the mass should then be thick. If she is not, you can either continue to cook or you can add gelling sugar.
From the soft-boiled quince, which are left after decoction, a very delicious and healthy quince bread can be made. If you plan to do so, you should cut out the stem, flower and seeds while washing so that the pure pulp remains.

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