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Today we live in a world where there are fewer and fewer natural foods. In addition, the drinking water is contaminated by drug residues, agrochemicals find their way into our food and plastic packaging give plasticizers to the food packaged in it. Many of these substances belong to the group of so-called foreign estrogens and have an ever greater influence on our metabolism due to the sheer quantity that we now eat.


Estrogens and androgens have many effects on the body

How do foreign estrogens and androgens affect our body?

An imbalance in the hormone balance always has negative consequences. Some are overweight and others underweight. In addition to being overweight, too high an estrogen content in the body favors illnesses such as depression, dizziness and hypertension - even an increased risk of breast cancer is said to affect him. Especially in men, it leads to breast growth, to prostate enlargement and overall considered to feminization. In scientific tests on amphibians, it has even been found that in male frogs, which were exposed to an excess of foreign estrogens, the genitalia were regressive and they became hermaphrodites. For women, however, estrogen has modest positive effects. The cancer risk is lowered and their bone density increases.

Androgens have an approximately opposite effect: they increase the urge to move, the fat burning and are therefore an ideal supplement for weight loss.


Soya is very popular with vegetarians and vegans - if the androgenic balance is present, no problem

Foods with positive and negative effects

First of all, if your body fat percentage is at a normal level, you do not have to worry about what foods to avoid. However, if you have a desire to lose weight, or if you have a few pints that can be attributed to a hormonal imbalance, then you should take a critical look at your food consumption.

For example, an increase in beer consumption is not conducive to men - and that not only has something to do with the effect of the alcohol it contains. Crucial is the hops, it affects the androgen metabolism of the man. The effect is even potentiated by the alcohol. Likewise androgen-inhibiting, peppermint and pepper have an effect. Instead of pepper, you should therefore spice up the food with chilli, because it promotes fat burning. The libido also suffers from foreign estrogens, for example, the isoflavones contained in the soya have a direct effect on the testosterone content in the testicular tissue. As a result, discomfort and even erectile dysfunctions can occur. Milk and dairy products also contain a high proportion of estrogen, which is why consumption should be restricted, especially with increased body weight.

To increase androgen levels, of course, pressed oils help. Especially coconut oil, olive oil and rapeseed oil are well suited for this because androgens are formed from fats, ie from cholesterol. Bananas also have a positive effect because they increase the serotonin level and thus pay attention to the mood barometer. That's why bananas are also an ideal food for athletes. Furthermore, quinoa, oats, yeast, cocoa, coffee, pomegranates and green tea (especially Matcha) are among the androgen suppliers. If you need a little extra extra besides the normal food, you can help out with ginseng powder and Indian Ashwanghanda.

In the book Natural Doping by Thomas Kampitsch and dr. Christian Zippel will find more information about foreign hormones and their effect on our body.

Androgen-promoting plants in the garden

In addition to vitamin D, which has a positive effect on our hormonal balance through garden sunshine and has an activating effect, some special plants are also growing in our home garden gardens. Fenugreek, various berries and cabbage species - especially broccoli - as well as spinach have an androgenic effect and thus support fat burning.

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