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To take advantage of alleged disadvantages as advantages is a talent that you, as a hobby gardener, can not apply often enough. This is particularly true for owners of a hillside property whose sloping terrain at first glance just seems impractical: Except the terrace is hardly a flat place for beds or another seat. And while the rainwater collects down the slope, the upper areas dry out too quickly.

Advantages of a hillside property

Hang garden boxwood hedges

Sliced ​​box hedges underline the walled bed terraces

If the slope plot is divided into different levels, they can be very effectively designed in different styles, without the transitions appear abrupt. You can also use each floor differently. The top level is ideal for an open plan seat with a view. Herbs and vegetables also find better conditions up there, as it is usually sunnier here. Lower levels offer a pond or a quiet retreat that is out of the view of the terrace. Tip: Have the extensive earthworks for the terracing of your hillside property carried out by a horticulturist who has experience in off-road modeling.

Most important preliminary consideration

Hang garden with stone stairs

Colorful beds make the climb a pleasure

Before you create a new hangar garden, ask yourself the question: How should the height differences be bridged? Particularly space-saving are retaining walls that overcome almost vertically rising differences of one meter or more. Those who have enough space and value flowing transitions, build a more inclined slope between two levels. Such a steep section is perfect for a creek with a waterfall, a magnificent perennial flowerbed or a sun-exposed rock garden. The following three design proposals were conceived for a hillside plot of about 200 square meters. At a length of 16 meters each will be two meters. Height difference cleverly overcome.

Mediterranean charm

Hillside garden Mediterranean

Hillside garden Mediterranean

With bold momentum, three retaining walls for the gradation of the hillside property stretch across the garden. To the Mediterranean style dry walls fit cleanly stacked natural stone in warm earth tones. The two upper walls are crowned by small red shrub roses and gypsophila. The Treppenweg gives the garden by its curvy course tension. It is lined by lavender, on the stairs are each two column cyphers (Chamaecyparis 'Elwoodii') trellis. The uppermost garden level is reserved for the terrace, directly below the small herbal and vegetable garden benefits from the sheltered location on the heat radiating retaining wall. At the next level, there are three apple trees; Because of their compact dimensions, so-called spindle bushes are particularly suitable on the narrow strip of grass. The bottom floor of the garden is dominated by the wrought iron pavilion with lush climbing roses - a perfect place for leisurely breaks. The gaze falls from the pavilion to the pebble bed and the tall columnar pine (Pinus sylvestris' Fastigiata "), which is framed by an evergreen cherry laurel hedge.

Floor-to-ceiling country house flair

Hang Garden Country house flair

Hang Garden Country house flair

A clear structure and lush flower beds characterize the country-style hillside garden. Characteristic: a straight stairway and retaining walls made of clinker. On the generous top level there is space for the redthorn next to the terrace, under which a round bench invites you to linger. If you walk down six steps, you first enter the pergola covered with blue rain. A few steps further, the view is directed to the classic crossroads with book edging and rose high trunks in the roundel. In the mixed beds, vegetables, herbs and summer flowers grow harmoniously next to each other. On the other side of the pergola, high lark spurs bloom in the perennial border along the Hainbuchen hedge. The bottom floor is all about the hydrangea. Their flowers in white, blue and pink decorate the otherwise in subtle shades of green held shade bed with funk and ferns. A square ornamental fountain leans against the retaining wall and ensures a pleasant soundscape with its quiet bubbling.

Natural garden on a hillside

Natural garden on a hillside

Natural garden on a hillside

In contrast to the other two design proposals, the hillside property in this design does not require any retaining walls, which of course considerably reduces the costs. Instead, the overall slightly sloping terrain receives steeper slopes. Two elements run through the entire garden: the curved lawn with short stretches of the steep sections and the stream that rises from the terrace and flows into the garden pond.In front of the terrace, a flower meadow, together with the purple loosestrife at the creek, provides color. A nice shade dispenser near the house is the trumpet tree (Catalpa 'Nana'). The first steep section is perfect for the sunny rock garden with blue tones and many small upholstery. Underneath spreads another flower meadow, summer lilac sideways provides privacy. On the next steep section, a magnificent perennial flowerbed of coneflower, sunbeam and tall riding grass shines. The lawn path ends at the bottom of the boardwalk, from which the pond life can be wonderfully enjoyed. He is shielded by a bamboo hedge and miscanthus.

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