Attach slope with plant rings - step by step instructions

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Plant rings are not only decorative elements in the garden - with them a slope can be wonderfully fastened. Our guide will show you how to do it.

Plant rings are available in different colors

A garden with a slope is nice to look at, but it also brings some problems. If this is not processed, the rain rinses off the unpaved soil. And if he wants to be worked on, many gardeners often lack ideas. Creating a slope is not really as easy as creating a garden patch. Here you need a bit more creativity and manual skills.

In principle, you can design the slope in different ways. For example with gabions, with palisades, with a natural stone wall or with a concrete wall (further creative ideas on However, if you want to beautify the slope with plants, then we recommend to attach them with plant rings. This is relatively easy and also looks very nice when the plants are in bloom. The following instructions will show you how to do this.

You need this:

➤ Plant rings
➤ horticultural clay
➤ Gravel
➤ Garden earth
➤ Wheelbarrow
➤ Spades
➤ Shovel
➤ Tape measure
➤ String
➤ Board
➤ Spirit level
➤ Concrete stacker
➤ Rubber mallet

Instructions for attaching a slope with plant rings

➥ Step 1:

To define the direction of the foundation, you first have to stretch a string.

➥ Step 2:

Plant rings are usually 40 inches high and should disappear in the bottom row about halfway in the ground. So now you have to dig along the string a 40 centimeters deep and 50 centimeters wide ditch.

➥ Step 3:

Now you have to fill an anti-freeze layer in the trench. This layer should consist of coarse gravel and be compacted to about 20 centimeters with a concrete tamp.

This layer should be as level as possible, because then the plant rings can be aligned later easier. So it is best to take a board, place it on the frost protection layer and check the inclination with a spirit level.

➥ Step 4:

Subsequently, a 10 centimeter thick layer of earth-moist concrete should follow. But only use as much concrete as you can put plant rings, because the concrete must always be moist.

➥ Step 5:

Press the plant rings one after the other along the taut string. You should keep a gap of 5 millimeters between the stones. Then carefully pat the stones into the concrete layer with a rubber hammer and align with the spirit level.

6 Step 6:

To prevent the water from damaging later, you should still provide the edge of the planting stones with drainage grooves. Just wait until the concrete has gotten a bit firmer, then it works better.

7 Step 7:

Now balance the gap to the slope side with coarse gravel or gravel and spread some concrete mixture on it. The second row of plant rings can then find their place on this mixture. So you should now proceed row by row until the desired height is reached.

8 Step 8:

Now fill the individual plant rings 1/3 full with sand. Then there is a layer of garden earth (reading tip: buy garden soil - 5 tips), which should go to the edge of the stones. Then you can plant the stones according to your taste.

Important: Always secure the construction site

If the slope is slightly larger, the construction usually takes a while. Should this be to the street side, then you must secure it so that, for. Do not let any kids romp on it and destroy the previous construction progress or injure yourself. Lock the site with one of the following options:

  • Cordon / cordons
  • off fence
  • Warning Stands / warning cones

All of these options are available for example at Here you will find barriers and stands for a variety of different applications, which either comply with the central standards or can even be individually printed. Even barrier tapes can be printed with your desired text. So you do not have to worry about someone hurting on your jobsite and you just have to stand up for it.

Video Board: Building Retaining Wall Step-Ups into the Slope.

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