Set up a small balcony - 6 space-saving ideas

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If you have a balcony, you usually do not use it because it is too small. Even small balconies can be comfortably furnished. You only need a few space-saving ideas.

It is best to use folding furniture

Anyone who lives in a rental apartment and has no garden, for a balcony is a small but fine replacement for it. Unfortunately, most balconies are often so small that it is difficult to relax and enjoy the fresh air. A large balcony on which even the little ones can play is something quite different. But sometimes you just have to settle for what you have.

But who says that a small balcony can not be comfortable? You just can not deliver it with all things. Saving space is the motto. This way you can create a green oasis even on just a few square meters. So you just need a little creativity. Here are some ideas on how to furnish a balcony nicely and at the same time save space.

How to set up your balcony to save space

❖ Tip 1 - Use folding furniture or furniture with storage space:

If you want more than just sitting on your balcony, but also want to hang laundry, for example, then it's best to use a folding table and folding chairs. You can then move the furniture aside and use the space for the drying rack.

If you use the balcony only to rest and not constantly want to clear something, then you decide best for storage boxes as seating. Just put a pillow or pad on top and you'll kill two birds with one stone. They have created seating and plenty of storage space. Of course, the box must also be weather-resistant. Make sure you pay attention to the material when buying. Poly rattan is e.g. The best choice, because it is durable, UV-resistant and weatherproof and also has a timeless design. Other materials such as wood and metal, plastic or aluminum, however, have some disadvantages (Source:

❖ Tip 2 - Do not put flowers on the floor:

If you only have a little space on the balcony anyway, then do not add flowers to the floor. These are on a small balcony only obstacles or tripping hazards. Plant the flowers in flower boxes or put on hanging baskets. You can also create a vertical garden. For example, with the help of a euro pallet (instructions on But you can also put flower pots on shelves or hang them on hooks or other hanging devices. However, plants can also grow up on trellis.

❖ Tip 3 - Use awnings instead of sunshades:

Even on a balcony you can neatly catch a sunburn. But putting a sunshade on a small balcony is not exactly saving space. Instead, prefer to use awnings that are attached to the wall and railing. They do not take a seat directly on the balcony.

❖ Tip 4 - use the balcony grill:

If you want to have a barbecue on your balcony, then do not set up a proper barbecue there. That would be too dangerous on a small balcony. Instead, rather put on a so-called balcony grill (as seen on It is a charcoal grill with ash drawer and height adjustment, which has a bracket for the balcony railing. Perfect for those who have little space on the balcony. Incidentally, the scope of delivery also includes a cover so that it does not weather.

If you want to barbecue on your balcony, you must follow some rules and regulations. More details can be found here.

❖ Tip 5 - provide enough light:

Only a few balconies have a power connection. But if you still want to sit on the balcony in the evening, you need light. Very space saving are e.g. Solar skewers for flower boxes or garlands. They do not take up space and still provide enough light. So you can enjoy the nice atmosphere on the balcony for a bit longer.

❖ Tip 6 - Keep order:

If the balcony is already quite small, then one thing is very important: order. So do not put the crates or garbage on the balcony. Not only does it look unattractive, it also takes away too much space. So you would rather stash boxes indoors and bring down the garbage right away.

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