Small front garden cleverly designed

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The path of washed concrete slabs and the unkempt turf spread a dull '70s flair. The crenellated enclosure made of concrete blocks is also not exactly tasteful. High time to raise the mood with a new design and flowering plants.

Suggestion 1: Green room with a view

First, the hazelnut shrub is removed to the left of the entrance and the box for the garbage bin is moved to the front area behind the hedge. Beside the front door, white-glazed wooden trellises provide support for ivy and yellow-flowering clumps of wood, which together shield a small sitting area.

Ball maple and seat

Next to the front door, a seat is placed, which donates a trellis screen

A hornbeam hedge borders the property to the left. In the narrow bed on the left side shadow-tolerant plants such as Eisenhut, bellflower, Elfenblume and the snow-white Hainsimse accompany the dunkelrotblättrige Blasenspiere. The lawn on the right front garden side is converted into a bed. Underneath the compact crown of the ball maple flattened tuffs with lady's mantle, dwarf animals, evergreen, funkie and elven flower frolick. But also a band of deer tongue fern and forest groves fulfills an important function: The evergreen plants give the garden, especially in the winter months, color and structure.
Stepping stones between the plants facilitate necessary care work. Large, yellow-painted river pebbles mark the garden border. The non-planted areas and the step on the doorstep are paved in herringbone pattern with light gray bricks.

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