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Before it comes to remodeling or rebuilding, you should know exactly what you want: Should the garden become an oasis of peace or a pure vegetable garden? Are there children playing in the garden? Is the garden rarely used and therefore needs to be easy to care for? Which plants should find a new home? Can existing trees, shrubs, paths or other objects be integrated into the new garden design?

Good room layout

The top priority for small gardens should be clear and simple layout of the property. That starts with the limitation and ends at the terrace. If possible, high hedges and screens should be avoided as a garden fence as they visually restrict the space. But if you can not do without good privacy, you should plant bushes or small perennial beds in front of them - this loosens up the overall structure. Geometric shapes bring peace to the garden. Even playing with simple figures such as cuboid, sphere or pyramid can give individual gardens individuality. They can be implemented, for example, when cutting boxwood and other shaped trees or simply with various accessories.
For small plots, try to divide the garden sensibly into different function rooms. For example, there may be a relaxation area for relaxing, a play area for children or a small area for herbal and vegetable beds. The various functional areas should be visually separated from each other - for example, by a discounts from not too large trees, a hedge or wall. Such a room layout has an interesting design effect: The garden can not be surveyed in its entirety, because one does not see, for example, whether there are other rooms hidden behind the next hedge. As a result, the garden looks bigger than it really is.

small green gazebo in the garden

Several levels - in this case a lowered seat - bring tension to the garden. The small pavilion serves as an eye-catcher

Clear routing and different levels

Do not divide your property with unnecessarily many garden paths. Better is a continuous path that opens up all garden spaces. There are also some things to consider when it comes to trail and decking. Instead of small-scale paving, it is better to use large polygonal slabs made of natural stone or a homogeneous grit coating as the pathway. If you do not want to do without small paving stones, then you should work with generous patterns and choose for the terrace, for example, a granite covering criss-crossed with longitudinal and transverse bands of clinker. The individual paving stones then step into the background and the pattern comes into its own.

Several levels always give the impression of generosity: for example, the terrace can be higher than the rest of the garden, or you can just lay out a few natural stone raised raised beds. A second lowered seat off the terrace would also be possible. For the eye, small spaces are thus created again, which bring tension and variety in the garden.

Thoughtful plant selection

Cinnamon maple with beautiful bark

The cinnamon maple (Acer griseum) grows very slowly and with its beautiful bark is an attraction in the garden all year round

The planning of the planting requires a lot of care in small gardens: every plant stands out and should develop its effect over as long a period as possible. Shrubs or small trees with striking flowers, autumn colors and / or attractive bark design are best suited for this purpose. But limit yourself to a few species in the selection of trees and place them carefully, otherwise the garden will quickly become overloaded.
Interesting shrubs for small gardens are, for example, the beautiful fruit (Callicarpa bodinieri) with its bright violet fruit ornament or the filigree fox beech (Nothofagus antarctica), whose beautiful bark design sets accents all year round. Shrubs with bright green or yellow leaves like the slowly growing Japanese Gold Maple (Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum') relax the overall impression and open dark corners. Also on a house tree you should not do without in the small garden. Small-sized representatives such as Ornamental apple (Malus) or Laburnum anagyroides, or ball-shaped trees such as the Ball-trumpet tree (Catalpa bignonioides 'Nana') are well suited for this purpose.

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